Don’t say no to you! The failure ten will on the pit

March 4, 2017

The failure reason of

thousand, this paper will summarize your most intolerable ten business pit. I wish my heart is mirror later can no longer eat the bitter fruit of entrepreneurial predecessors swallowed. Why say business is difficult? Because the road is long, lying on the ten hole entrepreneurs most.

first pit: not smart enough

smart here has nothing to do with the real definition of IQ. Business IQ is also called EIQ, is that the overall macroeconomic situation. Many entrepreneurs themselves one hundred percent to understand their own projects, but do not know why the market can accept the idea or why the market to deny their ideas. In addition, entrepreneurs also don’t understand why so many innovation incident is not controlled, no rules at all is full of vigor and vitality to the ground. They may not even know who their real competitors are. Most of the entrepreneurs themselves involved in the field of understanding very shallow: although they often talk rapidly, but in fact they don’t really know what you say. Many entrepreneurs fail is a failure in their own do not understand why entrepreneurship is just a rush to think of a cup of entrepreneurship. Worse, those who think that in various projects lobbying entrepreneurs in the eyes of other people, they have become Fuzhouzhijie. If the entrepreneur cannot consider the situation, analyze their advantages and disadvantages in the spectator point could not stand, so that entrepreneurs also cannot succeed.

second: pit can not tell the enemy

entrepreneurs often fail because they can’t tell the difference between a friend and an enemy. Their EIQ is not aware of what is in front of broad road or precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs. Entrepreneurs can not find a good part-time accounting or how to assess the skills and experience of the legal counsel. They also failed to find less intelligent and loyal co founders and employees. Even if luck meets the excellent talent, do not know how to maximize the use of their talent pool. They can’t distinguish between a business failure is without rhyme or reason angel investor and organized angel investors. The road of entrepreneurship depth Qianchi, entrepreneurs to participate in this match in the best of spirits, but the rules of the game to a successful


third pit: can not get enough of the right investment

entrepreneurs often fail because they can’t fit in the right investment at the right time. Too many entrepreneurs spend their money, friends and family a lot of money a lot of money — so every family and friends asked recently how, entrepreneurs will be confused in mind – after all, family and friends will always care about their money where to go. The failure of entrepreneurs is that they do not know how to value their own companies, but also do not know how to arrange the rational allocation of time to optimize the company’s overall valuation. The failure of entrepreneurs is that they can’t understand how much money the company needs to spend each time to achieve milestone growth. Or, entrepreneurs have to learn to respect their investors, they have to do with the regular

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