Recommendation a good analysis method is equivalent to do a half classic website

March 4, 2017

    every day in the station network, often see many brothers and sisters are searching for methods to build a classic website, more is now opening is SEO, is the word optimization, personally think this is from the classic site farther away, of course, not to say that SEO is wrong, but a classic website the steps of analysis to nothing more than the following:


meet part of the need for

, meet this kind of persistent, that is to say, the reader next time, next time will come next

, the website for the competition in the industry, which itself has many advantages, such as rich content, novel, or structure, connection optimization.

actually, do a good website, reminds me of a classic school management analysis method, SWOT model analysis, a comprehensive assessment of special to brothers and sisters for reference on the website of the advantages and disadvantages, opportunities and threats analysis called SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats, analysis). SWOT analysis: representing the site advantage (STRENGTH) inferior (WEAKNESS) (OPPORTUNITY) opportunity threat (THREATS), is actually a comprehensive summary of all aspects of the site content and analysis of the internal and external conditions, a method of constructing the classic website.

  take the king of the webmaster network to analyze it

model architecture

advantage (STRENGTH)

disadvantage (WEAKNESS)













in the webmaster oriented, in order to solve the webmaster operation method for website mission down people management, based on the service station, meet the needs of psychological


graph king circle high prestige, strong appeal

, web contents, writing style for the reading habits of


and so on.



webmaster consulting website profit point single service station groups strong imitative crowd for web content, higher

, admin5.com domain name is not essence, if it is admin.com that nice ah


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