An analysis of the secret of the digital title hanging appetite

March 4, 2017

read the skin, read newspapers and watch, said the title should be straight, lift works. But how to write a strong attraction of the title of the author of the digital title to write their own personal opinion.

in the network information era today with respect to a network of the contents of the article, the title is the most important, has visited a good title to bring you "is huge, traffic nature also brings business value, will draw the users and guide the user behavior and other important intangible. Excellent web articles, the title of the content of the web site can determine whether the user clicks on one of the reasons.

network multimedia diversification if you are careful to observe, with digital title is the most striking, in the title of the digital network in the end how much power? Number can give your visitors bring what kind of heart collision? The effect will produce huge data with digital talk much? The title can have good eye effect? Here’s a look at the picture through the column.


look at the picture above each curious will click on it! This is no doubt, why the number of titles such as a strong attraction?

first, we take example to illustrate: "7 days" Spring Festival holiday flower "340 billion" as the title, already let the people be startled at, people will think of what happened, who so brave? Have a coherent digital effect, the reason for the formation of such a big suspense. Is that before and after the digital contrast is very strong, with curiosity, so can not wait to click to see the content, this is the use of numbers is very clever is overwhelmed with admiration for took, the readers’ appetite for

secret: with a very good heart effect to form a suspense, hanging appetite

second: we should not be too small for such things 1+1=3, the title of the appearance of the reader will want to make sure that the idea of correct, easily lead to discussion.

secret: cause the user to read and message excuse, increase the user experience

third digital title if you can make good use of it, not only to attract attention, as the title: "the mall sale 24 hours price tag sale is the one thing of interest for the people, the people’s livelihood, the title on the sharp pointed out the" 24 hours "this time the concept of the real highlight the title is clear and dry dry present to you.

secret: let the title vivid, vivid title, to avoid the dry dry hard Title

is either web content or real life sales in the use of digital title is a kind of technique is very good, has a good eye effect, first make an impact, but also easier to read "authoritative" and "sense of trust", "

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