Finishing B2C website commonly used marketing programs

March 4, 2017

a, promotion purpose

B2C in the present source of web traffic is relatively low, no traffic is no volume, while for traffic at the same time, we want to catch the customer from the inside flow, targeted marketing, improve the site conversion rate of orders. In the early days of the operation of the site, the number of registered users and the user experience is undoubtedly the most concern of all business sites.

two, the use of marketing tools?

B2C mall used a lot of means of network marketing, media advertising, alliance advertising, CPS, QQ group promotion, promotion of the third party website, e-mail marketing, micro-blog hype……

is well-known and user groups under the condition of uncertainty, if a substantial advertising plan, do some effect on the flow, but was unable to grasp the target customer groups, cannotproduce order volume, low price is not recommended by the website (mid must have advertising plan).

mail marketing is a more reasonable means of promotion at this stage, but also a large number of B2C types of Web site commonly used marketing strategy. But in the traditional e-mail marketing promotion, we often receive EDM (AD), has been used to delete or as spam. So here we have to make some necessary adjustments.

three, e-mail marketing strategy

1, target mailbox type:

only QQ active users to collect e-mail addresses for door type mail (such as 126, 163, Sina, etc.) to give up directly.

A. is commonly found in the door is difficult to collect email address apartment layout, artificially delete, pertinence is not strong and many other issues, it is less effective.

B. and QQ active users email address collection regularly, and QQ mailbox instant email alerts is providing convenience for email marketing, if not online users, also can be in after receiving the mail, first login reminder, as shown below. Click to view the probability ratio is higher.


2, target mail collection

according to our target customer groups, so that the collection of e-mail address to meet the following conditions: age: 23-30 years old, gender: female. According to the national region were collected, and finally form our own mailbox database.

3, email marketing theme

for each e-mail marketing, the production of different promotional themes, this promotion theme is: Autumn loaded 50 percent off deals, that is, to return to the registration of $20 cash coupon (all store GM)

four, preparation

1, website product promotional images need to be updated, all replaced by autumn promotional copy material;

2, the production of e-mail template, >

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