WeChat ads, micro-blog, Baidu was playfully traditional advertising, who would be the most injured

March 3, 2017

advertising circle of friends just out or a home, some survey also seriously investigate the user experience. Before leaving the user, just a few hours later, appear in front of them into advertising templates of ridicule carnival, those who reportedly did not line up or not want to queue have incarnation gold master, a good YY.

advertising in WeChat Feed just surfaced, it was issued, I am very easy to send a friend of the shielding almost, WeChat began to push me". After listening too late to love dearly, but there is the so-called WeChat official announcement released: advertising, it should be part of the circle of friends!

advertising in the end is not a part of the circle of friends? The debate and digest sample after the user’s home in on a variety of Facebook, Qzone and micro-blog have to be persuaded to move the same during enumeration, the user also quickly accepted the fact. At this point, waiting for the entrance of the real king who will soon debut.

regression calm, face reality, can not help but ask, the user is only interference, not to mention injuries, WeChat advertising, who will be the most injured which

?Sina micro-blog

to be dumbfounded

and on the circle of friends issued specific targeted advertising spread, I do not know how many people and scientific fan, first think of sina micro-blog.

Because the demand for

is almost the same, and use the medium of time generally fixed and scarce, with the user scale of social application of core indicators, need to correct posture into the market and quickly gather enough users, "to those losers Kou king of the jungle" is always the first application of social law of survival, this arena is from the lack of direct fight cruel.

to accept Alibaba shares in April 2013, Sina micro-blog is staggering, the activity decreased rapidly, cash difficulties, has been seriously questioned for the long-term consumption of unhealthy diet and the loss of the original can be golden eggs ability; while the mobile Internet outlet arrival state of network communication environment to the climax, go to Sina micro-blog completely lost at the crossroads.

$586 million sold 18% shares, also comes with 3 years and $380 million advertising, find the gold master and the nurse after micro-blog, but also to peace as a "mother": the Alibaba producing fancy, all for you! The Ali sedan, micro-blog in terms of commercialization is not minced this is the most, the main source of income for the advertising revenue, maintain faster than other business growth.

but even so, even for micro-blog Ali up to 1/3 of advertising revenue, even created before the listing of short-term profit ", but" erection before 2014 three quarter loss of $68 million, the last two months the stock price fell below the issue price, until, like most of the school age who learn all through the night of madness. Finally, but always fail.


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