Online advertising is an important driving force for online search

March 3, 2017

many search marketers know there is a link between online and offline marketing, but some people may not fully understand the content. A new study by Jupiter Research Institute, a search marketing agency, iProspect, says that 2/3 of those who use search engines to search for a particular keyword are caused by offline marketing campaigns.

specific data, 37% of respondents said that in the last six months, a TV advertisement contributed to their search for a company, service or slogan; 20% said in a magazine or newspaper advertising to guide their online behavior; 20% said a company store to online behavior they; 17% people affected by radio advertising and online search. A smaller percentage of people are affected by outdoor advertising.

only 33% of respondents said they had not been affected by any offline media in the past six months. For those who are accustomed to the daily use of search engines, the influence of offline media even more obvious. Only 28% of respondents said they had not been motivated by any offline media over the past six months to create search behavior.

" today, marketers have an obligation to integrate search and offline actions, ", iProspect’s chairman, Robert Murray said. " obviously, their line of information needs to be remembered, requiring a simple search. The search results also need to repeat the information and integrate with some key words. The bottom line is: integration is no longer not essential. "


‘s most common search keywords are the company’s name, or the name of the product or service mentioned in a line advertisement. In 44% of cases, the keyword is the company name. To take advantage of this, marketers should be able to identify the names of companies, products and services in their online advertising, and to ensure that their site can be optimized for these keywords. And in search ads, those keywords can also be fully demonstrated.

if a line of advertising highlights the label or slogan, search marketers should also be able to ensure that the structure of the site or paid search results within the same display. Murray said: """; the short time window for offline advertising is not enough to get the audience to receive information. People often distort advertising, advertising can only remember a word or two. And that makes search more important. "

, according to Murray, said: "in addition to being able to attract traffic, offline media can also attract more quality customers." According to the study, those under the influence of the media, the landing site and ultimately the purchase behavior of up to 39%. The conversion rate of 39% is higher than that of the single application search or the application of a single line under the channel can achieve conversion. Offline ads attract attention, >

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