Baidu holding glutinous rice shock wave everyone threw the burden to handle comments worrying

March 3, 2017

after the acquisition of PPS and 91 wireless, Baidu in the field of mobile Internet has completed a layout. On Friday, Baidu announced the signing of an agreement with everyone, Baidu invested $160 million holding everyone’s website to buy glutinous rice, accounting for about 59% share. The transaction is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2013. According to the calculation of glutinous rice valuation of about $270 million.

for this year’s continuous acquisition of the acquisition of Baidu, the acquisition of glutinous rice is to strengthen the LBS business, the formation of the following channel distribution, mobile search and a mobile terminal super entrance. Baidu LBS division is responsible for Shen Li revealed the day before, Baidu maps from simple travel tools into life service platform, there are over 5 million life service data, in cooperation with the more than and 60 data of the depth of cooperation partners.


LBS claimed that breaking the 200 million users, Baidu map also strengthen the group purchase business support in the new version, but Baidu LBS business in the development process of the lack of docking businesses and achieve commercial realization ability, it can satisfy the needs of group purchase.


team founder Hu Chen of Tencent technology said, Baidu map App as an important entrance to Baidu in the mobile Internet, but the use of mobile phone users from the map used to find the route into idle away in seeking pleasure, need more patience. Contact and cooperation of the ground floor of the merchant and the production of preferential information, Baidu maps are of great value.

Hu Chen said that from the perspective of mobile Internet portal, in addition to the map on the phone, the group is also very common App entrance. App can make Baidu glutinous rice group purchase in the local life and increase an entrance, and Baidu map form "doubles", plus the subsequent extension of the glutinous rice glutinous rice movie tickets, hotels and other mobile applications will also give Baidu O2O greater imagination.

for everyone who is good at capital operation CEO Chen Yizhou (micro-blog), the transfer of the controlling stake is undoubtedly the right to buy and sell. Baidu glutinous rice holdings after the announcement, all shares rose sharply to 21% in premarket trading, not only the future of rice loss will not be reflected in the earnings report, everyone can enjoy the benefits of cash flow from Baidu.


investment group, Tencent, Baidu investment international holding rice…… This situation has been followed by the group has been dubbed into the fight father era. Analysts pointed out that several big game player worrying handle, public comment and Wowo independence remaining group purchase industry prospects.

pointed out above, considering the new entrance and for the local market penetration value, will lead to the re evaluation to the domestic Internet giant group purchase value, and then a heavyweight merger or integration. Buy the industry competition is not over, on the contrary, the market structure will likely change again.

everyone shuaibaofu glutinous rice is an important culprit


glutinous rice was placed in the imagination of the growth of everyone. Shen Boyang, general manager of glutinous rice in early interview with Tencent science and technology interview, said that glutinous rice is not only >

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