Mobile social running from the micro channel easecredit domain pot

March 3, 2017

in the mobile social networking market battle, WeChat ushered in the long-term champion, easy letters, contacts, m chat, unfamiliar street and other competitors, "and" more than WeChat, QQ, micro-blog and other on the apple APP STORE social class free APP download first, on WeChat’s threat to easecredit. Mobile social war is strong, social domain has started to blow the horn".

WeChat, easecredit limelight is abundant, the Alibaba offering a reward of 100 thousand yuan to encourage employees to promote the exchange". Friends interactive mobile platform between, in addition to WeChat and similar social product function, also joined the burn after reading, personal album, get together, photos and other functions in graffiti. Ali is to attract users to download the exchange, is more generous to send tyrant gold iPhone 5S mobile phone, mobile phone and other prizes aliyun.



: from

Alibaba protection laiwang.com/.cn/.com.cn/.net and other contact domain name, which has been built from Ali APP download platform laiwang.com. According to Alexa statistics show that, from the domain name laiwang.com daily IP and average daily PV were 15000, although the overall flow of the site in general, but showed a sharp upward trend. In addition, Ali chat domain Alichat.com and WeChat’s official website wechat.com domain name similar to the Sedo platform to $53000 (about 320 thousand yuan) price transactions.


figure: WeChat

Ali and from the opposite at the largest Tencent WeChat, WeChat launched in January 21, 2011, now has more than 400 million users, is currently the largest mobile user groups in Asia, instant messaging software. A dominant position, but also to make any move WeChat has become the focus of public attention. "WeChat" the father of Zhang Xiaolong tried to enable domain next.qq.com closed beta, but eventually enabled the domain name weixin.qq.com on the line, the daily IP is 270 million, the average daily PV up to 1 billion 600 million.


figure: easy letter

‘s first high-profile challenge WeChat products, NetEase and China Telecom in August 19th launched the easy letter, easy letter 3 days after the launch of more than 5 million users, the number of users after the month of 10 million. Chuan Yi letter next version will increase the overseas call feature, the user may be able to call overseas calls for free. Easy letter official website to download the platform to enable non mainstream domain name yixin.im,.Im suffix, although easy to believe that the identity of the IM tools fit, but a bit like a temporary battle. Domain yixin.im IP and

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