Tens of millions of dollars to buy Jingdong tonight hotel special or accelerate mergers and acquisit

March 3, 2017

[introduction] the acquisition of cash + stock replacement, the estimated amount reached $10 million level, the original investors exit tonight hotel special offer.


Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on January 23rd

2014 Liu Qiangdong Jingdong will set the tone for the "sail" of the year, this year the investment strategy of Jingdong in change.

Tencent science and technology today learned that Jingdong and tonight’s special offer hotel has entered the end stage. The acquisition of cash + stock replacement method, the estimated amount of $10 million to reach the magnitude of the price of the hotel tonight, the original investor exit.

hotel tonight after the acquisition will continue to maintain an independent operation, however, tonight’s special hotel after 80 CEO Deng Tianzhuo will serve as vice president of Jingdong, Jingdong’s youngest vice president of a dozen.

Deng Tianzhuo revealed in the circle of friends of WeChat, any rumors can not be denied before the official denial. Li Xi, senior vice president of Jingdong, Tencent also declined to comment on science and technology. However, informed sources, Jingdong and the hotel tonight has reached an agreement on special.

Jingdong why the acquisition of tonight’s Hotel Specials first from the Jingdong strategy. Liu Qiangdong finished the tour, return to the company after the disclosure of the Jingdong in 2014 the core task revolves around the five strategies, namely technology, finance, O2O, channel sink and internationalization.

Liu Qiangdong also revealed that in 2014 will be the integration of the electricity supplier mergers and acquisitions period, therefore, Jingdong has set up a professional team, the future investment mergers and acquisitions will be more radical than in the past.

a clear signal is that today, vice president of Jingdong investment capital Chang Bin has joined Jingdong, responsible for Jingdong investment M & a business. In the PC electricity supplier dividend gradually disappear, which means that Jingdong will accelerate the pace of mergers and acquisitions investment growth.

Another step is

Jingdong, last year hired former kuxun ticket open platform director is responsible for the tourism business, mergers and acquisitions tonight hotel special offer may reveal Jingdong through upstream and downstream industry chain, into a new resource integration strategy determination.

Jingdong this initiative can refer to Taobao travel mode. Taobao travel integrated ticket agents, airlines, travel agents, travel agents resources, has become a comprehensive travel service platform. Jingdong is just copying the story.

from the acquisition of the object level, the hotel was set up special 3,4 years of time, its characteristics is that after the introduction of special rooms at 6 p.m.. Tonight hotel special offer sales team declared master about 3000 hotel resources, can sell more than 1 thousand started on schedule every day, every night the average profit of 25 yuan.

in addition, tonight hotel special offer core founder Deng Tianzhuo, Ren Xin, Zheng Haiping and other electricity providers have years of industry background, tonight hotel special offer the operation team, in the mobile Internet data transmission and O2O experience in the field of the leading, these.

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