Master travel online travel writing soft advertising inserted a monthly income of tens of thousands

March 3, 2017

review: "51" holiday, many people will choose short distance travel, at the same time, there have been many so-called online travel Master write Hotel reviews.

recently, a travel site staff said on its Web site a number of travel Master received a private letter, said that as long as mentioned in travels to live in a hotel, and write positive reviews, you can get paid 500 to 800 yuan. The sender claimed to be a PR company staff.

Beijing Youth Daily reporter in the survey found that a similar phenomenon indeed in some travel Master happened, it is not difficult to individuals earning tens of thousands of dollars.


network travel travel insert soft advertising was exposed

recently, a staff member of a travel website posted a message. He said his multiple travel sites Master received a private letter, just to mention some hotel name in his travels, and upload photos of the hotel, give a positive evaluation, you can get 500 yuan to 800 yuan reward.

According to

, the staff said that the sender is not the employee of the site, claiming to come from a public relations firm, has nothing to do with their travel website.


staff said, recently many travel website Master have told the website reported that private information, and said he was disgusted with this public relations behavior.

only real evaluation can help users, which is the foundation of our industry." He said that if the user in the travel notes to see or write false information, it is likely to ruin the entire trip.


travel: Travel Master soft advertising implant a monthly income of tens of thousands of

fact, BYD reporter found in the survey, Master travel into "soft advertising" is not alone in their travels, but it also gives them a decent income.

travel Daren Zhang has its own travel blog and micro-blog, and has a large number of readers. In his personal pages, many public relations companies and Brand Company are in the message, hoping to cooperate with.

looks in Zhang, they are not familiar with this kind of travel Daren cooperation with some brands in the circle. With the travel travel and the quality of the travel notes, the public relations companies and Brand Company out of the price is not the same.

now, Zhang every week received the offer of cooperation more Brand Company and public relations companies, these partnerships allow yourself to have thousands of dollars a month income. Because he is always on the road, he has his own brokerage team to deal with these special business.

Zhang, the content of cooperation with these companies is not only the designated hotel stay, some brand notebook, digital camera Brand Company will be looking for him, for him to provide all kinds of goods during the trip, "the basic amount to be sent." Sometimes, these products will appear in his travel photos.


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