Share a little experience in the promotion of personal movie station

March 3, 2017

after several months of hard work, continuous learning, I also have a small promotion of the film station. Today, we talk about the promotion of the film station.

new station opened, needless to say, of course, first landing under the entrance of each search engine. In order to let him faster included, you’d better not sit still. To seduce the spider, the way is to go to the place where the spider love to leave your new link. Specifically how to do, Baidu will know.

said that the use of the network to promote the favorable conditions, such as QQ, know, ask, blog, forum ·, ·, etc..

1, know promotion: good to listen to the point is to help others solve the problem, in fact, in order to leave their links. For example, now the big industry is a very popular movie, and you just have your website, you can direct the problem where the input "Founding of the broadcast address see did not solve the problem is not a lot! Now you watch the website address to send up, certainly not to like. The advertising form! Not only can leave the chain, because from here into your site are to go to the movies, so they IP very high quality, but also bring a visitor to your stable.

2, ask the promotion, the same method.

3, QQ space, it can be said that the high degree of popularity of the QQ space now! My girlfriend is a faithful QQ space fans, in a small QQ space can be a few hours. So we can take advantage of this, not a QQ space automatic message tool? We can take the recently popular movie, TV drama tidy, get good (avoid others disgust) to the high popularity of the message space crazy! This method brings the effect is very good, but should not overdo sth. Oh!

4, some well-known blog (blog, news, NetEase, Baidu space) their weight is very high, the search engine is love, he wrote the article will soon be included. You set up a blog (multiple), do you recommend the movie, do you feel you stand, the establishment of the experience and so on, as long as the clever leave your website address on the OK, it can also increase the high quality of the chain.

5, go to the forum, the movie entertainment related forum to promote your site, so the chain also more. Another point is to change the signature of the forum into their own movie website hyperlink. Can also go to webmaster forums such as A5, to participate in the discussion of learning, not only can learn a lot of things, but also for your site to leave some of the chain. 2 of the

, Why not?!

is the last link, the link is a very important part, especially the high weight link. So the selection of links is also very important.

In fact, there are many ways

, in short, we should use the network to promote the use of things.