Let the network promotion is no longer mysterious

March 3, 2017

not long ago, a network of friends asked me how to learn network promotion. I said to the network promotion is divided into two kinds, the first is to use the money, second is not money; actually this is two kinds: the first kind is the company portal station or commercial station, on the flow of money to buy back; the second is personal station, also is the webmaster friends by technology and experience, their own the use of appropriate promotion tools are attracted back flow.

will not talk about the first category, focusing on second categories.

wanted to start from some simple things, but think of the friends here are the foundation, not too long winded. There are many ways to promote personal, I introduce the following.

1: instant group news release (example: QQ group)

The effect of

is more and more bad news on the network issued to promote the consciousness of the group, the conversion rate can be, but the bounce rate is extremely high; in the industry of hair, everyone knows that is a kind of advertising, IP, is mostly directly off, veteran is see (shield the group message). Although the QQ group effect is not good, you can be a QQ group and the people to communicate, so the effect is good, the method for the people.

2: Q & a website (example: Baidu know)

need to register some Ma3 jia3, can also choose to answer the problems of others, but you can’t guarantee that other people’s problems become the best answer; so you only ask ourselves a. Can convert the flow can have passion, but when you send a lot of after, flow conversion rate is small when you depressed. A chore.

3: popularity gathering forum website (example: Baidu Post Bar)

found related to the theme of your site Post Bar promote hair stick, not directly connected, mildly, think you see the content of the post of the people’s thoughts, and then write to attract others point of your connection content. That is, if you convince others to point out your connection. This requires a lot of vest, his top post, but also pay attention to the first floor is harmonious, 2 floor, the best reply to a XXXX.COM is really good, even if the 1 floor is in harmony and the 2 floor oh. Can also top the others did not reply post card, or reply less post is also a good choice.

4: blog, SNS website (example: domestic)

to the home to share your connection, write your mini blog, you can see all the friends. Requirements, more friends, more registered SNS station. Update your blog and SNS.

write some methods, but also many promotion methods to everyone, but are purposefully promotion, can not blossom everywhere, where do we just good effect to good effect in several aspects of a breakthrough. It requires us to have their own statistical background, according to statistics later to promote the website? According to all your IP background analysis, the search engine keyword, then look at the key words connection page, if we can make the page. Other sites >