The most fierce marketing is called share marketing

March 3, 2017

now share a lot of play is not fun, because the times have changed, the more difficult to play the previous marketing play, the more tragic death, so now the new gameplay is more worthy of our attention. Such as: we through the Wang School of business in November online guidance in the share of Wang Tong teacher share marketing is particularly interesting and super fierce!

we slowly study:

research before asking a question: you have to play around the relaxed, long and stable but also fun marketing play it?

if we do not continue to go down, if any, even if the share marketing is a result of the fierce, super easy, very fun marketing play!

example of a micro business share of the road

is now taking micro special fire? There is fire in a complete mess, also have died too horrible to look at!

and the fire in a complete mess the have a common share called


they can continue to share the value, share the fun and share the good things with the users, so they have the necessity to exist in the "circle of friends" of their target users. Because they are not to bring value to the user is to bring fun, good things that are sold by the way. And good products we will also share a circle of friends drying, which is an indirect sharing!

so all the day to brush the advertising of micro business where to go? Is not masked or deleted! No one is stupid hat, let you play all day.

example two, since the star summit tickets sharing road

we are currently organizing a "Star" summit". Now there are too many meetings, not what Wang Tong! The teacher suggested that we play so high value, dry cargo free tickets, according to the value of a reward! Not to pay, no channel of benefit, how can the people raise enough


we have since star top Daniel: Xue Manzi, Professor, Wang Tong, car electrode, Liu Keya, Wang Zijie and so on, Nanshan space heavyweight guests! Everyone is a self worth more than one billion star chiefs,

enough temptation?

but we are free, but not free: share our summit page, immediately get the eligibility. Yesterday afternoon our internal nudge, enrollment is more than and 100, just behind can get 5000 people; but the site only 500 people, first come first served, let others beg to share! This is the charm of



PSB from star fu

three, the distribution system of Tong Wang School of business

Tong Wang business school just started to play is the birthright of play! We used ultra high value courses and serve to create a sense of value, we give the agent one cent! A month before the cattle brother Tong Wang School of business distribution we took ten Commission; a few days ago Ye Zong one day through the Business School Distribution took more than 10 thousand commission. The king’s School of business