How to promote campus forum

March 3, 2017

now has a lot of personal webmaster is to build a campus forum, the number is still more than enough, then we talk about how to promote the campus forum. Campus Forum promotion means nothing more than offline promotion and online promotion, but due to the particularity of campus forum, the specific way of promotion are not the same place, here is my personal understanding of my experience to talk about how to promote the campus forum, said the first online promotion methods:

1 campus network, QQ alumni promotion: I believe that now most of the high school has been in this kind of mainstream SNS site has a seat, so you will find their own school, and his friends, generally speaking, they are not rejected, to their personal space message, don’t forget the signature like into your forum address, the best logo will also head into the name of this forum, logo design recommendations highlight the school, you can slowly leave a memory in our mind.

2 Campus Forum promotion: go to your school’s official forum to recommend the folk forum –www.9azz.com information,

3 spy promotion method: QQ group is now basically every small group have, you have to do is enter each administrative class within the class and group of host or administrator right relationship, so he recommended information in the QQ group announcement get on your website.

now talk about how to promote the line:

1 small propaganda promotion law: because efficient copy is generally not very expensive, you can be on a piece of paper printed on several ads, printed after dividing them a bedroom a bedroom to distribute leaflets to so few have money, the effect is good.

2 association cooperation promotion law: and community cadres have a good relationship, using community cadres publicity activities, the advertisement paper printed on the website address, said: * * * official website and so on, for a campus is also very good.

3 seminar Promotion Law: the use of their own knowledge to carry out seminars, which is a good way to promote.

4 campus sensation promotion: this should make reasonable use, too, will immediately give you how the current counter revolutionaries title, ha ha, you can have a campus campus Belle contest what ah, to conceive.

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