How to run the whole network of integrated marketing to the fans jumped into one hundred thousand

March 3, 2017

are still struggling for no traffic, no major brand exposure and trouble? Are you thinking is also limited to the flow must be stay in your own website is king? Have the idea that you have out. Recently saw a lot of people are to teach others how to join, or "egg and ran after all is said and done". Always say accurate, I feel a bit funny, how do you judge other people than their potential customers? You are not even accurate and so bitter, but such a simple truth or even spend a high price to join the so-called circle. Listen to a teacher like an idiot to tell you what he called the experience, but these methods have been a lot of people out.

in fact, there are many channels to get fans, their initiative to add is the most stupid way, do not accept, this is the truth. To tell the truth, I am not a professional WeChat play this piece of business, but before I play the event marketing, had made an average of 300 people per day plus my case. The method I use is in the WeChat group, micro-blog, QQ group and some people are interested in things, but the premise is that you really have something (plus powder artifact, such as a free version of the university such as Ma Lake internal learning materials, or some need to pay to see learning data), the reason is very simple, catch everyone’s curiosity, to find resonance point, you need to take the initiative to add a? And this initiative with over there are many people will be grateful to you, in your WeChat marketing at the same time, they will help you, so the quality of friends high or you bitter ran with friends of high quality, at a glance.


three micro signals, each micro signal in more than and 300 of WeChat group, if I like teachers who called to say one by one to add a friend, don’t let me die. Thinking and method is very important, not to think about what people say is good, you can test out the method originally, every time have to spend money to buy the house, but don’t forget, some things can not be copied. (Note: none of these WeChat group is my initiative to add, are invited to go in, and then push it)




public number I applied early, but they didn’t play, when in early May of this year, looking at the circle of friends who said a week tens of thousands of fans rose, then itching, so for the first time to really play the WeChat public number is from then on, I and my team in less than two days to the public number increased by about 3000 fans, did not spend a penny of the cost. The method is very simple, is the use of SEO, micro-blog search, and other such as know, Post Bar, watercress as well as today’s headlines, Sohu from the media, basically is the whole network marketing, this is definitely a wide coverage. We just added some soft in each of the relevant data and information, but if you want to get, you must.