Four ask webmaster do website promotion for what

March 3, 2017

for a long time from the website promotion, promotion based: the search engine, soft Wen promotion, Forum promotion, blog promotion, promotion, promotion, Links station by mail after the promotion to the network: micro-blog promotion, promotion, promotion, promotion of Q & a platform and so on many ways to try after a day, repeat the work can not help but have some doubt and regret in his mind. What do every day what is the meaning of these promotion? Do these for a time not to look at the website promotion effect, continue to do or use other ways of one-time will push the site to the front of the users? These questions, I think there should be other owners on matters.

why long time no effect?

do a lot of promotion webmaster who doubts this, there are many ways to promote, there are many good methods, why have used, or not what results? For this, not to say that the webmaster work is invalid, can these methods got some effect. These effects may be little, but is also essential. Don’t underestimate these work, but this comprehensive way is not suitable for every webmaster. Choose the most suitable for their own way, the essence of the attack, may achieve better results.

Why can’t

keep the visitors


to take a variety of ways to promote access to the IP access is the result of the hard work of the webmaster. But most of the users are often won’t come back again, this let the webmaster feel very sad. But the webmaster should look for reasons from their own, from the site itself to find reasons. The image of the web site is the first impression of the web site, people pay attention to the first impression, the site is the same. Have a good impression on the site there is a desire to continue to read, want to look at the site in the end what is described, what is the use of. A good book needs to have the depth of content based on a good novel to have wonderful touching story to make people more laughter and tears, a website needs to have good content and rich content to let users have read again the impulse, has recommended to the people he toyed with the idea to get potential promotion brings reputation for the website, website set up good reputation image, can attract more people. This is a virtuous cycle.

why can’t always improve website weight?

a web site for many years, but the site’s PR has been stuck in the following 5, a variety of ways have tried, can not find a solution. Through the search engine keyword search, the site’s ranking can not always ranked in the top three. The work of the link is not done less, PR5 site to do a lot of…… These are common problems, but has not been resolved. Although the number of website links, but are useful links? Have not checked the links in what is the problem? PR5 and PR5 link how much use with PR6 or more links is it better? Although it has some difficulty.