Behind the crazy marketing copy

March 3, 2017

everything in the world, there is a way to survive. Qin fire fire, Li two split four estimates have little known. The network is a double-edged sword, hurt others, will touch yourself. I said to the students in the class, to do anything to have a bottom line, you have no bottom line, people do not pa you underwear ah!

crazy pass text

lunch, half awaken in a glance at sina micro-blog. Micro-blog did not get a new ideology, but got a few advertising slogans. I was out of professional instinct, and seriously look at, and to share with you, my feelings as well as for us to write a copy of what to do creative.

see screenshot:



what kind of chicken do you want?

next, I said chicken. What chicken do you want,


look! The next few partners stunned. The teacher said chicken. Chicken is a cup, bird flu can give them to the scourge, sad countless.

is now not as long as the thought of eating chicken, in general, the meaning and meaning, what laugh! Be quiet! Haha, you know


the ad says Qingyuan. What is the background of Qingyuan chicken is famous for its tourism products, the planning and the choice of drifting route. Then, there is a complete version, if you go to Qingyuan, you didn’t call a chicken, you didn’t drift off, then you’re not considered to have been to Qingyuan! The old homophonic heavy, because the harmonic caused by evil, is such a thing.

these can give the evil man a little look and daydream. Chicken is not scarce, immeasurably vast difference to dry, and underground. The Chinese army practitioners have tens of millions, I mean with the ISO standard, specific information source is unknown, but it is not fanciful. Men always want to find some fresh excitement in their evil thoughts. It can be said that the creator is clever, is able to seize people’s minds.

if you change what you want to duck what duck certainly not, not without this demand, but this demand, and social identity is too large. Plainly, now or in the male line of society. In fact, the nature of human needs is the same. If the Wu Zetian era, will raise ten head in the bed eight. Now it is not, who dare so bold in moral tie on the rope. The depths of human nature, it is not only a good grasp of the female corrupt officials


I always think that advertising creative people, thought is evil. Or you can’t get this kind of work. I agree, but also appreciate. They use wisdom to make 42 things. A word, talent!

marketing and planning must have goals and objectives. For example, the purpose of doing this case, to achieve what kind of expected goals. >

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