Open shop you can not know the purchase of a small secret

March 3, 2017

diagram: source

according to senior network sellers to teach experience, entrepreneurs in order to find the right source, we must first pay close attention to market changes, make full use of goods to find a cheap price of goods. Take the eBay sales of famous brand clothes very fire, sellers are often in the season or in in the field of high quality rice to design brand clothing, and then transferred on the Internet to sell, the use of geographical or temporal differences in enough profit.

diagram: foreign trade product sells

foreign trade products should also be concerned about the objectives of the owners. If you are familiar with foreign trade manufacturers, you can get the goods directly from the factory. There are a lot of good things in the foreign trade order surplus products, this part of the goods are mostly only 1 – 3, the style is often the most popular next year or the present, and the price of only the mall of 4 – 30 percent off, there is a market.

diagram: foreign promotional discount merchandise

foreign brands in the world or the day before the season, the price is very cheap. If the seller has relatives or friends abroad, you can ask them to help, get an attractive discount online sales, even if the price is 4 to 30 percent off of the traditional shopping malls, there are also 10% to 40% profit margins. Some brands have a lot of inventory backlog, some businesses simply sell all of the stock sold to the full network of sellers. If you have enough bargaining skills, able to lower prices in the hands of their inventory down to eat, will be able to obtain huge profits. Finally, there is a simple and convenient way to eat wholesale. Be sure to run more regional wholesale market, not only familiar with the market, you can get very cheap wholesale prices. However, the owners need to distinguish between retail and wholesale, wholesale and retail and direct sales of three different markets.

diagram: good relationship with wholesalers

distinction between retail and wholesale and wholesale and retail, it is easy. Take clothing for example: retail and wholesale market, is allowed to try on clothes; wholesale and retail is not allowed to try on clothes. Of course, wholesale and retail prices are cheap. If all things are packaged to sell, do not accept retail, it is mostly direct sales, how much you do not retail price. Here is the amount of stress, the lowest price. Find the source, you can try to sell a small amount of advanced goods, such as good sales and then consider increasing the amount of purchase. On eBay, some sellers and suppliers have a good relationship, often after the goods are sold to purchase, so that neither the funds will not cause the backlog of goods.

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