Shenzhen, a new supermarket on the verge of collapse of a new store at most 116

March 2, 2017

large layoffs, the distance to bankruptcy liquidation is far away from the negotiations with BBK will really buy a new one better?


source: Vision China

Shenzhen veteran xinyijia supermarket chain Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the new good) or difficult to continue. At the beginning of December, issued a new good economic layoffs and labor contracts to notice all the stores under. The content of the announcement shows that the requirements of retrenched workers before December 15th to the company payroll and receive economic compensation, in addition, the personnel dismissed as another option, and Shenzhen Dasheng a good business management company (hereinafter referred to as a good new Dasun) re signed a labor contract.

interface reporter was unable to contact the new one to explain the matter, however, according to the reporter’s layoff notice, which shows the founder of Li Binlan’s seal.


a new job layoff notice

is a good new founded in 1995 by Li Binlan, and the listed supermarket chain in Shenzhen belong to the same old Renrenle supermarket. According to the Chinese Franchise Association over the top 100 chain list, a good new 2005-2015 years in the 11 year period, sales volume of 11 billion yuan from 2005 rose to 18 billion yuan in 2012, stores up to a maximum of 116, 100 highest in 14 (2007, at that time everybody ranked thirtieth to 2015). The store has slipped to 102, sales of 15 billion yuan. In 2011, Li Binlan among the rich list of to 4 billion yuan ranked in the top thirty-seventh.


new a good performance in recent 10 years

before the layoff notices, a new good has suffered more than half of the wages, debt, property was forced to close stores and other events.

since February this year, a new good news frequently broke out the door for the supplier, supplier and even the goods directly to move in a supermarket cash sale picture from the supermarket in September this year, a new good most of the stores was briefly closed until October, once again opening, Hunan door to store was opened in November.


network transmission of a new good debt collection


The supplier will take goods sale

interface China news information network query execution that the new one good Supermarket Co. Ltd. and its many subsidiaries have been listed as the debtor, the implementation of the subject from the amount of thousands of yuan to several hundred thousand dollars.


new one

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