Analysis of competitive bidding and image station operation ideas

March 2, 2017

many days not to update the 100 group, especially miss new friends here, because the old friends in the group, each other every day can still keep in touch, and recently to Qingdao friends more, occasionally to the guest, so hundreds of groups have less opportunity, I put some of you lately concerned about making a system summary:

1, understand what you are busy recently?

A: Wang Tong teacher training in Beijing, said to understand is silly, anything to share, the result is I don’t get a chance to do, always give people the feeling is the dreamer, so I always want to do one thing, is to do the bottom of things, and a step by step to go up, but we must choose the most love thing, at the same time to have some meaningful things, so I chose the first theme is hilarious picture stand, first I love comedy picture stand very much, also can bring happiness to other people, and do things in terms of traditional opportunistic past in this sense, than in the past to any one thing meaning to. So now I will finish every day 100 funny pictures, and give the corresponding joke, I feel extremely happy, I mainly want to put their own past about the flow method, applied to the station next to the picture, see can bring much profit.

is the second small lie the teacher gave me a teacher asked Ouyang Weijian to autograph books "from crazy to appreciate", he introduces how to operate the Crazy English and appreciation education, this book has not come to read, because I want to go to the bookstore to buy this again, because of Mr. Ouyang’s signature handsome, afraid you get when reading the book is not like the later, while traveling on the road, read a road, and then come back and read a few days in this way, read second times, write reading notes for a period, the purpose is very simple, is to be able to use this book fame, also fry my reading notes, because I am also an entrepreneur, there is a resonance point too much, while small lie teacher let me go to where the "celebrity" speech training, so I hope to be able to go before, Reading notes.

and I did an interview, it should be fairly confidential, the fire, is in the form of a dialogue interview, is to interview some of my familiar network expert interview, put out some of their business skills, and then in the form of a dialogue to describe this, compared to the traditional creative description it has better learning and easy to understand, because the language is conversational, can cause everyone’s sympathy.


is doing some friends for analysis, but most of all is to help nature, do English CD-ROM, a shorthand, have to do to lose weight, do translation, there is beauty, but it is often only a few people, I mainly hope through helping others to learn more experience in product promotion, if possible, you may consider to do some regular product promotion, but the current auction market, is not suitable for me in.

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