CN domain name by the Olympic force market

March 2, 2017

day before the Beijing Olympic football stadium in Shenyang officially announced the opening of the official website, enabling domain name, this is the official website of the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee ( the domain name, opened last year, a hundred years the history of the Olympic Games by their domain name precedent, has a "Chinese characteristic" the charm of the CN domain name, again leveraging the Olympic Games to the market force.

in December last year, from the opening of the Olympic Games and the more than and 600 day, the Beijing Olympic Games as the official website for the domain name, is optimistic about the CN domain name has "Chinese logo" function, can exhibit China characteristics, will help to understand China in the world, and more secure. It is understood that after the official opening of the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee main domain name just a few days, the number of visits to play as much as 140 thousand, the global ranking is up more than 10 thousand, showing a strong foundation for CN domain strength. Experts stressed that, as Beijing’s bid to host the Olympic Games, the Olympic site enabled CN domain name will also greatly stimulate the national pride of the people, which is the main domain name of the Olympic Games by CN can not be ignored.

In fact,

,, such as the opening of the Olympic domain name, it is a microcosm of the application of CN domain richness. It is understood that "since March 7th this year, CNNIC CN domain 1 yuan experience since the recent number of CN enabled websites is increasing, the most obvious effect is caused by the universal application of colorful"". The CN domain name 1 yuan to carry out the activities of the experience, providing a small network of almost zero cost of marketing resources, naturally welcomed by the enterprise, to establish their own brands, to seize market share.

with the CN domain 1 yuan experience activities to further accelerate the CN domain name in China’s enterprises and Internet users in the application of the mainstream trend. A variety of innovative applications continue to explore, attracting more users to join the CN domain name camp, but also prompted more and more small and medium enterprises to improve the application of CN domain name, strengthen the network marketing strategy.

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