Leave from Wanda electricity supplier CEO Gong Yitao will respond pure nonsense

March 2, 2017


Wanda electricity supplier CEO Gong Yitao

[TechWeb] reported on June 21st news, was hired in two million annual Wanda electricity supplier CEO Gong Yitao will soon be transferred to leave. This is Wanda electricity supplier cast a shadow on the road.

as one of the big tradition in traditional business, Wanda Electronics announced earlier to enter the electricity business, make it become the sixth main Wanda, which opened with commercial real estate, hotels, tourism, cultural industry and chain store business.

Wanda electricity supplier for this crazy recruit, has introduced including the former Dunhuang COO Wanda electricity supplier any COO, Google senior engineer An Xinghua Wanda electricity supplier CTO executives. One of the most striking is the former headquarters of the Google technical manager of e-commerce Alibaba, senior director of international trading technology Gong Yitao as Wanda electricity supplier CEO, network transmission Wanda electricity supplier to pay the annual salary of up to 2 million yuan.

Gong Yitao is a typical technology bull, Ali was the world’s fastest selling technology leader. Therefore, Gong Yitao joined Wanda system is also considered to achieve online and offline business through technology to achieve, so as to achieve Wanda 020 layout. And all this in more than half a year after the variable.

for the outside rumors, Wanda electricity gives deny, Wanda electricity supplier COO Liu Sijun is told the media that the CEO turnover message is purely nonsense.

in June 19th, when Gong Yitao is leaving rumors on the Internet continues when Gong Yitao released its second times since June micro-blog, micro-blog did not mention resignation rumors, said in June 19th, Wanda Group held in Beijing investment conference in Britain, an official from the outside two investment in the UK announced, a total amount of about 1 billion the pound. Conference, Wanda Group announced plans to invest 320 million pounds acquisition of British Sunseeker yacht company, invested nearly 700 million pounds in the construction of the core area of London Wanda super five star hotel. This is the second in September last year after the acquisition of the United States AMC theater company, Wanda Group, a major international progress."

insiders pointed out that Gong Yitao’s response to the outside world in this way, revealed two messages, one of which has not yet left, second, do not deny the rumors.

if this is true, this is the development of Wanda electricity supplier to bring some variables. Wanda electricity supplier has been preparing for half a year, but there is still no big move. If Gong Yitao left, it shows Wanda electricity supplier for technology to get through online and offline business strategy may be difficult to achieve.

electric Zhenwang micro-blog observation Lu said: "the about 2000000 annual salary, did not reach the so-called Wanda, Wanda electricity supplier strategy basically is to reinvent the wheel, a cavity blood when Wang Jianlin has become a pot of cold water, now Wanda’s electricity supplier strategy are not even."

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