How to launch online advertising What are the references

March 2, 2017

enterprise do network advertising in preparation, will generally have several target sites, in the implementation of advertising before, we will target consulting website advertising quotation and delivery channels, we generally need pages, forum version of flux. In our target site, may be some of the better personal website, there may be a business website or has been very influential big web site. Force site influence may provide detailed flow statements, but other goals may because of its size, strength or importance analysis of network traffic or unwilling to tell the third party website traffic with detailed data that we no reference data to make accurate advertising scheme (we cannot obtain the website such as: traffic source, user behavior on the site analysis and returned to the plate in the PV page data highest). Moreover, it is also possible that the traffic report given by the target site is not necessarily true and effective. So how do we develop the online advertising program? What is the reference?

in fact, this is a long-term work, we should be based on the effect of advertising to optimize the launch of online advertising, in the analysis of the effectiveness of online advertising, we should pay attention to:

1, the period of advertising, advertising time is in the peak period of business?

2, advertising display of the time period, advertising the time period is the peak of the target customers online?

3, the target site gives us the advertising effect statistics and the company’s own advertising statistics

4, the correct analysis of the data (professionals)

5, basic principles (low cost and high effect)

6, enterprise website’s own web site monitoring data analysis

I can also according to the effect of post business personnel to indirectly determine the site of the advertising effect. This is the most valuable evidence in addition to data analysis. Some enterprises to screening according to the Aleax data as the advertising website, the classic network integrated marketing Mr.Pan said: Aleax data have been used as an important reference for the value of the site of third party data, and in fact, Aleax is not the most accurate data of third party data, it is the main source of data through the client install Aleax toolbar with the Aleax search engine, based on this point, how to use the Aleax search engine users? How many client installed the Aleax toolbar? I believe that in addition to a very large site (Google, Yahoo, baidu…… In the Aleax on the data than the reference value, not well-known general site Aleax data does not have the reference value. Embedded code such as: webmaster statistics, Google statistics, 51la, Baidu statistics and other statistical data is more worthy of reference. Of course, if companies have their own statistical system that is better. >

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