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March 2, 2017

this year, double 12, consumers will enjoy the feast of wine ecological carnival. Before the network network fully open the four anniversary celebration banquet four party "integrated marketing activities that will play a global quality supply chain advantage, direct mining in 16 countries in the world’s 3000 best-selling explosive materials, and a polymerization network network manufacturers to create a large single product strategy, cultivating brand, according to consumer scene segmentation the quality of life, leading the mass consumption of wine.

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of the anniversary celebration of Thanksgiving, quality of life, gifts gifts, reunion banquet four scenes, divided into "Thanksgiving feast" Jin Hao "when a" courtesy "feast" reunion banquet "four stage. "Hao Thanksgiving feast" is nearing completion, "Jin at the feast will be taking over the quality of life of wine consumption binge started. The user first, then recharge coupons, after the main shopping spree banquet venue, enjoy preferential discount.


wine, wine, beer, popular big selling liquor debut anniversary, brand consumption characteristics is quite brisk. The Penfolds BIN series, mermaid manor, dry grimace, beauty Jia manor global brands such as Wine producing products blockbuster debut. In addition to Martell, JACK DANIELS and other popular wine brands for having heard it many times, from Germany, Hovea halbo, fool Bai dragon, Belgium Digmann, Paetus, Lin Louis and Holland monastery and other characteristics of beer, also dished out the ecological reserve. At the same time, Wuliangye, Jiannanchun, Luzhou Lao Jiao and other liquor brands coming to join, play different preferential.

during the double 11 won the best-selling brand title in Germany imported beer Grote Gloryt again to help network network anniversary. During the event, coupons after FCL minus 80 yuan, enjoy the highest preferential 50 percent off.

to meet the personalized consumer choice, network network anniversary take "capricious" collocation play. Beer mix 45 yuan 156 yuan, 3 optional liquor optional 2 branch, 288 yuan, 6 Wine optional selection of wine 108 yuan 6, optional 318 yuan optional 2 people mix.


in addition, the ecological still "awesome gameplay". Charge back open the huge benefits of ecological There was no parallel in history.: charge 100 donated 10 110 yuan, charge 300 donated 40 340 yuan, charge 500 donated 80 580 yuan, charge 1000 donated 180 1180 four stalls, fully meet the consumer demand of different users. At the same time, to receive coupons can also enjoy the audience full of 199 yuan 10 yuan, deducting the full 399 yuan straight down to 25 yuan discount. More daily 1.22 yuan and 12.2 yuan a day 10:00 hunters crazy seckill, at the end of cheap wine.

Madden is more users to participate in activities not only charge back, giving the music as a super sports membership, purchase designated wine products even can also receive a few thousand dollars worth of music as a super TV, music as a super intelligent mobile phone products. It is reported that the purchase of Bineida red Wine 4 > Castro

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