Haier 24 hours from time to time to see a new model of e-commerce

March 2, 2017

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Ye Zi, under the pseudonym china5195 (aneken) from the home appliance especially the traditional home appliances Haier group in micro-blog, micro-blog in the tourism industry, more and more enterprises pay close attention to social media is not limited to television media advertising more attention to their own brand marketing, micro-blog is the most direct mutual dynamic. Li Kaifu once wrote "micro-blog to change the world", micro-blog zoom and communicating distance, so as to achieve the rapid flow of information, interactive form quickly.


online mall promotions are awesome, 51 promotions Haier national household appliances online shopping delivery time commitment to the first break 24 hours, 24 hours to free one, that is to say more than 24 hours to 0 yuan to buy Haier household appliances. Almost all types of Haier home appliances are large appliances including refrigerators, washing machine, water heater, air conditioning, TV, freezer, lampblack machine, gas cooker, dishwasher, disinfection cabinet, such as home appliance service of 24 hours or a certain degree of difficulty. General consumer goods online ordering is 3-5 days, a long 10 days and a half months to receive the product, compared to less than 24 hours to send this is a big difference between Haier online shopping mall is different from other home appliances.

The Haier

this commitment pear, of course, but a good self challenge especially fight logistics. Haier online shopping mall "24 hours shopping Limited", is a false start signal which is a field of a new round of competition, from the electronic commerce new battlefield is not to fight when the price of credit but the fight and self challenge. At present, China’s third party logistics distribution system is still in the development stage, which is the biggest bottleneck in the popularity of home appliances online shopping. 24 hours of time limit for this service in the country’s home appliance industry has a pioneering significance, the rapid development of consumer awareness of consumer online shopping appliances, and promote the purchase of home appliances into the consumer’s first year of great significance.

there is a Haier micro-blog interactive marketing, let more people participate in, let more people on the equivalent reputation, form a good reputation for the Haier group still has the effect, compared to the Real TV media, more easy to form the interaction. Haier hopes in the corporate culture, brand culture, promotion, service can do very well, and form a good interaction with the fans, so that micro-blog’s battlefield can stand firm, steady progress, create a new model of electronic commerce.


electronic commerce come out from the traditional mode, not in the Jingdong is staking, Jingdong is not Dangdang price war, the new battlefield of e-commerce micro-blog changed the electronic commerce mode, e-commerce marketing talents appeared hot, but there is still lack of such personnel. Large enterprises have settled in micro-blog, however, is the lack of interaction with the fans how better, let the enterprise culture and brand culture well into the people, let the fans concerned about the spread of spontaneous, not limited to prize forwarding etc..

The Haier

24 hour shopping limit of more than 24 hours, that is free single is a sword a process of self challenge is also different from other household electrical appliance enterprises, each enterprise wants to fly, to keep the integrity of, >

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