Online shopping increasingly intense competition and cooperation has become an inevitable trend in A

March 2, 2017

online shopping mall from the platform or marketing, competition has intensified, although the annual turnover of e-commerce in the state of high-speed growth, but the corresponding business platform and merchants also has a lot of growth, so to each merchant business inside the bowl diluted a lot, can be predicted in 2012 online shopping mall, the competition will become increasingly brutal, Matthew effect will be more obvious! In 2012 to don’t want to be someone else ladder of success, it should be hard to blaze a new trail, and open the way to tour a lot better than alone, so find more Amoy became the primary task of many online shopping mall, so how to find more Amoy


: to enhance brand awareness, let guest active site

now have online shopping mall is the brand, like Decathlon online, do is a lot of Amoy brand, take the initiative to help Decathlon promotion, this is because the Decathlon brand, there is a customer, Taobao mall and so on, because of its own strong brand effect, so many Amoy active site, for their services and those unknown! The construction of the brand, even the mall is very grand, profit also looks very attractive, but it is very difficult to move the guest, because these products have no market, others do not know how to help you through the sales get paid


visible online mall in order to get more guest, it should enhance brand awareness from the start, whether do is platform or the commercial mall, mall, are so, and enhance brand awareness, it should continue through the media to stimulate the user’s eye, with more extensive platform, where the Jingdong, why a short period of time can be hot, because a lot of money for the word-of-mouth, brand marketing and so on, this will be your guest come in a throng, marketing on the road to help, competition, will be more efforts to


two: mall design professional, thoughtful service

mall exquisite design professional, in order to let the guest think you have a good potential, and thoughtful service, let the guest to help you sell products do not have actually launched the mall menace from the rear, guest service, Baidu and Google’s advertising is very similar, just a click on, one is to rely on the actual sales, so the guest code must have a very reasonable rules, don’t let the differences continue between the mall and the mall Amoy, and even some in order to avoid the risk of their own or upgrade their store profits, to increase the terms of overlord may be hidden, in the event of a dispute, allow yourself to occupy a favorable position therefore, but lost the guest’s trust, and ultimately damage the

of their own!


relationship to mutual benefit and win-win and guestAlways between

and the mall Amoy because the interests of friction, but these interests, once after careful analysis, you will find that often because of a few dollars, tens of dollars to the amount generated.

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