Analysis of the current site mass promotion should pay attention to the problem

March 2, 2017

since the Baidu algorithm adjusted, the site should be careful to promote the group to engage in. Some of these SEOER dare not to mass or do not know how to mass. In fact, you do not mass, some people still use mass tools, and the site is still good after mass effect. Professional website SEO, most people still in use mass tools, only use mass software need to follow the step-by-step process.

first, should seriously treat mass

if you are in the site to promote the use of mass and be punished by the search engine, please do not lose confidence, you need to calmly analyze the reasons, find out the reasons and solve.

second, the correct control of mass content

some website optimization novice fear, fear of cheating will be punished or drop right or seal station. In fact, if you hold it, the result is not as bad as you think. We all know that Google love the natural link, then you must do everything possible to close to the natural link in the website group, generally do not write too simple, let people look at a mass is recognized, it must be a link.

third, common mass error performance

1, stack site links; 2, a single page the same key links multiple sites; 3, a period of time a large number of links.

fourth, how to avoid mass error

1, if a lot of people on the site in the above group, then you have to change the site as an object. 2, mass must grasp the rhythm, so that the timing of quantitative. 3, mass content can not be too simple, links to do as close as possible to the natural connection.

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