The new entrepreneurial era, how to use the Scene for marketing articles

March 2, 2017


has been so described the difference between Beijing and Shenzhen entrepreneurial environment: Beijing entrepreneurs good campaign, the entrepreneurial process pay attention to fight Shenzhen entrepreneurs, put up a pageantry, more is hard at work, not propaganda. Toss out a great disturbance of Luo Yonghao and diamond scholar Ma Huateng became a representative of the two different entrepreneurial style.

overall, due to good campaign, the Beijing Internet business environment is still far ahead of Shenzhen. But Luo Yonghao and Ma Huateng on behalf of the two styles, in fact, are not the best entrepreneurial marketing path. Excessive or exaggerated directly resulted in the rally, Carnival bubble, Beijing "but" rampant Internet business; and in the rapid flow of information, the environment change speed of the Internet environment, but also the excessive low-key fatal flaw, Shenzhen entrepreneurs because of too low-key and quiet.

with Chinese Internet business wild early in the past, the new era has come off. Internet marketing is not only simple and direct "exaggerating" or "wine", but based on high technology marketing integration business scene, social scene, scene data user. As the upcoming era of the scene, said the Internet is competing for traffic and entrance, and the mobile Internet era is the scene of contention. How to create a connection with the user based on the scene is the key to the success of future business.

Shenzhen entrepreneurs marketing confusion

in this era of public entrepreneurship, innovation, reform and opening up "entrepreneurs" in Shenzhen and Beijing compared to the foot of the Imperial City, and become a lot. Although Shenzhen’s start-up companies rise fast, hit off the tide also attracted capital from the market, and the government’s attention, but more often, outstanding young makers in product development and grinding, because of the lack of effective means of marketing, the commercial value of the product realization cycle is particularly long……

talked about the Internet business environment in Shenzhen, there is a customer feeling: "much worse than Beijing." The specific performance is in the media field, under the background of Internet media, traditional media in the majority in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, it is very difficult to find the media. Do event marketing operators, Beijing can find, but in Shenzhen, 2 months a resume are not received." Shallow, the status of Shenzhen off the record also reflects the characteristics of Shenzhen – entrepreneurs entrepreneurial ecosystem has been grinding products, ignoring the role of marketing communication in the early stage.

in Shenzhen entrepreneurs ignore marketing communication problems, mobile financial company nine rich chief strategy officer Lin Yanjun expressed such a view: if entrepreneurs cannot produce connection with the user, the product is that it is good and there would be no use. In June 25th Lin Yanjun nine rich cup internet financial business competition "ShenZhen Railway Station further pointed out that the mobile Internet era, entrepreneurs need to learn how to connect with the user based on the scene.

incubation with connected scene marketing


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