How to enhance the user stickiness WeChat public number

March 2, 2017


public user stickiness is a user account on your acceptance and dependence on how many, similar to the PC site of the end user stickiness, through grooming key allows users on the site longer, access to greater depth, and is an ideal return visit rate.


enhanced the number of public engagement is similar to a PC web site structure planning and construction of internal links, do well, users will be reluctant to leave your site down several times it is easy to be faithful to the visitors. But the mobile terminal of the WeChat public number of some of the more challenging, because WeChat does not say the chain, and the user will not give up once the basic turn back, no second chance.

but some public numbers did have attracted visitors mercilessly. May not do a good job of light content, but also the organic content of these series together, so that visitors can swim in your high quality content pool.

so, your public account requires you to do it smartly, so fascinating. Here are a few basic links:

1, take a look to understand the name

if your account has not been opened, you see this tip is lucky. WeChat name has been identified can not be modified, it is one of WeChat’s facade image. For example, if the micro signal is a domain name of the site, then WeChat name is the name of the site.

a good name is sloppy things, suggested here is the most direct to make people understand at a glance, don’t have meaning, don’t want to end up like PC need to transform the thinking what shop Jingdong such as the name, and to adopt the brand name + function "format, such as" XX ghost story "and" creative XX "and" XX micro film "etc.. Because this name will appear in the text under the title of each WeChat, many people see this name and understand before deciding to pay attention. So just tell him what you can offer in the name.

2, let your title again a little bit

Title WeChat Pathfinder pioneer, whether it is the initiative to promote the text, or others to transmit pictures basically at first only see the title. If you’re heading up like shit humble, do you think people will leave? Not even be opened by the opportunity, how to let others be your


generally through natural forwarding fans are the most original, but also easier to become loyal fans. Therefore, we should pay attention to this way of natural powder. You have to consider other people to forward your WeChat, if the forwarding does not add any comments, his friends can only see a title. So your title should be a little hard, be like a poison to the user and the dagger heart. The title with a question mark, exclamation mark, ellipsis, not too straightforward, keep the suspense let others point into.

is the most taboo in the title is to use some descriptive statements and obscure.

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