Cock silk business how to make money fast

March 2, 2017

micro business after the outbreak in 2014, and now has reached a bottleneck period. WeChat early through testing the water, formally introduced many policies, hand combat malicious promotion and refresh, on the other hand to support the formal business. And, in any case change, I think that the essence of Dongsheng micro business will not change. Want to understand this, you will not worry about micro business. In fact, in terms of micro business, as long as we want to understand the following issues, making money is not difficult.

so why do you want to buy something on WeChat


I think of Dongsheng, after all, is a friend, believe that this is the only more convenient. What else can you do to facilitate the manipulation of the very few, so only in the friendship and cultivate the sense of confidence in the effort. Therefore, you only need to do to make friends so that we can, as in the past to trust you, you can be honest.

so many people will ask, how can we make friends?

this is a lot of people actually plagued with powder, the first fan is interactive, interactive will be friends, right? Then add the powder in our daily lives is how to do? (see article "An Dongsheng: micro marketing how to attract high-quality fans)

in fact, most people are using their own resources, that is, they have their own customers, the first import WeChat, or their own things to do it is very easy to do this kind of advertising resources. No longer stupid, the nearby people to greet with good line, as long as the continuous, in the area of your target population.

we have heard before and after all, it is very simple to do micro business, a cell phone lying at home to make money. But you know, it is easy to buy a mobile phone, Internet spending is also very easy, but also more difficult to make money. Because you must all day to hold the mobile phone continuously with communication, publishing circle of friends and so on, you may feel insist no problem, then you insist on a month you try? You every day in addition to these have no time to do what you love to do on a mobile phone. Of course, you can communicate in a way that is to play games with your friends. WeChat a lot of games, can communicate.

but for their character is arrogant, or not good at words who you this is not to let them die rhythm? Unless they are tough to change their own.

so difficult, after all, is still hard to adhere to, and you won’t have any effect in one or two months, often at the beginning, you think you can insist on how long? WeChat powder, marketing for so many ways, you take one as long as the stick can, instead of using a variety of ways. Want to let others take the initiative and you must have two brushes, you have to attract target customers it is something. Do you think you have it?

of course, everything to sell things for the purpose, you can also sell directly in the circle of friends. The same people, some people are very good and valuable

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