And look happy in doing good relationship marketing — Guo Jijun

March 2, 2017

this evening (more than 12 points, should be said that the last night), Guo Jijun again wantonly dinner webmaster, attended the dinner of the actual owners of more than 50, the purpose is unknown (I was nearing completion, but arrived) in order to attend the dinner must be on the way to Guo Jijun’s real name registration sns.kdd.cc. It is not difficult to see, maybe he is to publicize his fast allusion net (I love this name on network) officially launched.

this month at the beginning of September 7th, Guo Jijun hosted more than 20 well-known enterprises in the city network or station, to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival theme. Regardless of last year, this year, Guo Jijun hosted a dinner for more than 2 times.

frequent banquets, frequently around the country to participate in the activities of the webmaster circle. Guo Jijun’s popularity was quickly expanded to become a well-known webmaster. The new website kdd.cc on the line of the first series of soft Wen reports, it is not difficult to see the advantages of interpersonal relationships in the website promotion and marketing.

in terms of happy in doing good, is willing to do good, love charity. Guo Jun lucky in my eyes, he is from 04 years of Qing Leng head station, by shaping the relationship of Chongqing website alliance webmaster circles (such as the purchase of many web site with the "Monument for Liberation" to Li Binhong, Lee was Binhong behind the scenes driven by speculation as a general model for web site owners, the country launched many soft paper to promote universal web site, of course also greatly promote the gjj.cc website, and the website is an enterprise in Shanghai after the acquisition and fancy has a miscarriage, Guo Jijun was the penalty of 30% yuan, hundreds of thousands) and through their own efforts, through luck, let Guo Jijun realize. To broaden their horizons, expand the interpersonal circle, with well-known webmaster, is the way of relationship marketing most rapidly and fast.

Guo Jijun through 3 years of relationship marketing, not only to get their own name and profit, but also laid the foundation for their success as a webmaster. Under the development of ideas, a wide range of webmaster friends, so that the introduction of the fast code network kdd.cc quickly on the country can be widely promoted.

we analyze the character of Guo Jijun, he has the simple and honest smile, and humorous words, Tashi people kind, which is similar to Zhao Benshan, I think he is the basic factors become very popular.

at the same time, as long as it is to know the webmaster friends circle occasions (regardless of the city or outside), he was very active and actively participate in, while others use their own network of relationships, creating opportunities for understanding webmaster friends, like to entertain everyone.

through the success of Guo Jijun, I focus on summing up two points:

, relationship marketing is not only one of the conditions of how successful individual owners should consider the enterprise website should also set up a public relations department, long-term maintenance of the relationship between the circle and the industry, so as to obtain more cross, cooperation and promotion opportunities.

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