The first Chinese blog into stocks Bo Xu Jinglei popularity face market frenzy

March 2, 2017

is known as "the first Chinese Bo" said Xu Jinglei light text, in front of the stock market frenzy cannot withstand a single blow. A guide for fun and often correct retail civilian blog "lead to big brother 777", just replace the "Xu" has become the most popular blog network China.

eldest brother 777 "will be the stock frenzy in the blog, the blog in the NetEase" dtdg777.blog.163.com "the single biggest hits more than 1 million 500 thousand people, opened less than 3 months, the total traffic has more than 15 million 480 thousand people, refresh the Xu Jinglei myth record.

said, "take the lead in big brother 777" 10 years of occupation player career, fighting for 17 years in the stock market. Since the blog, "take the lead in big brother 777" basically every day in the blog on the NetEase to do one thing: the specific point and forecast the stock price prediction, and quite. He himself claimed that he did not recommend the stock is not profitable.

"rapid rise to take the lead in big brother 777" has a crucial background to early this month, the total number of the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city account close to 96 million, of which nearly 70 million retail, retail proportion in the highest in the world.

blog from the beginning of the birth, never lack of speculation, from the blog Chinese sister Furong, Mu Zimei and other women route to Sina Xu Jinglei’s public celebrity line, and then to the Sohu entertainment sports star route. But in fact, the public to make money more fun than novelty.

, however, the new China’s first Bo may be just a flash in the pan. In May 19th, the eldest brother of the 777 "issued a statement in his blog, said a group of swindlers use their own name on the Internet to cheat money. At the same time to remind users, he said, to temporarily close the blog". He also complained that after fame, too much harassment has disrupted the pace of life".

for stocks on the blog popular network, there are agencies who warned that the bull market is difficult to learn to stock, and a high proportion of retail investors are usually the market peaked in the short term, it is recommended to keep calm judgment retail. "Take the lead in big brother 777" also said in the blog, the speculative market only winners and losers, not their own experts, not God, just want to do the retail stocks guide.

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