Do network marketing can not East and hope, not the West wall

March 2, 2017

Internet era, network marketing involves a wide range, as long as there is a network of places, marketing is everywhere. However, in terms of the business enterprise, network marketing can not do "and look to the East, not west wall", can not, can not care for this and lose that’s subjective weight extension or heavy traffic light turnover, only to create a convenient and smooth humanized display, consumption, payment and one-stop service marketing, in order to form a "closed loop" to Everfount source and driving force of sustainable development, to truly help the enterprise to achieve the ultimate goal of profit.


first, network promotion is the first step in the marketing site. To some extent, is for the enterprise network promotion campaign, is to fully improve your product or brand, advertising in order to get more people’s attention and consumption etc.. However, if you just promote the network to understand the chain of hair, hair advertising and so on, it is too one-sided. The true network promotion is the enterprise’s core products, choose strategy to use a variety of media channels, do a good job of website platform maintenance, improve the user experience and product exposure etc.. This is a business instinct, but also the basic preparation before the enterprise income.

secondly, traffic is important, the flow is more important. This relates to the problem of building enterprise marketing closed loop. The era of electricity providers, the Internet brings is a carrier of information transmission and related services to enhance the level of business, actually does not have too many changes in nature, and the consumption habits of consumers will only because the advent of the Internet has become more rational. At this time, a smooth and complete closed-loop marketing revenue will become the lifeline of enterprise survival and development. The so-called "closed loop marketing", is a complete chain, from publicity to the consumer to pay all in one service, is also a process of allowing users to better consumer online screening, line, is an important way to create Everfount enterprise profit value. Therefore, the loading site anchor, make website marketing "loop" will cost as much as possible for the sales of cash flow, it is of great significance.

again, remember that the essence of network marketing. The so-called "gold", not only refers to the realization of network marketing profit to further refine, also includes the value of the enterprise, more important for the user to create a really amazing experience and enjoy the products. Network marketing not only directly related to the success or failure of the site itself and, more related to the whole enterprise e-commerce network marketing level of play, but also indirectly related to the survival and development of enterprises. As the famous American salesman, Jo Gilad said: "before the transaction is zero." The essence of "alchemy" ignore the network marketing, can not really follow and achieve marketing revenue generating business rules, do more is useless.

like Liu Xie "Wenxindiaolong · said:" bosom friend "hold each corner of the corner, to change the so-called quasi wanduan, and look to the East, see >

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