Ten years of an amateur investor

March 2, 2017

stock market in 10 years, pronto, from youth to middle age, from the investment threshold during white to touch, smiles and tears, have failed to have the harvest. The most difficult is the 2011 warehouse full of dancing with the bear did not give up, the most fortunately survived the 2008 crash of the failure is large, 2010 has to buy everyone respected hot stocks of Suning Appliance and Changyu, the most regret is that in 2010 to buy a robot, Huayi Brothers later Daniel but in about 1 times earnings to throw missed 10 times shares, the biggest harvest is finally no longer for a handout. For 10 years, and make a mark on the one hand, on the other hand, a simple memory tidy memo. Mr. Sun to use the word "revolution is not successful, comrades still have to work hard, the next 10 years will still be rational, understanding, patience, still need to be very careful, adhering to the" things to be alert to the exit height, inverse when calm "school teachings, stock market is only a starting point, not the end point…


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2006 stock market first grade

the beginning of the year, the cause of the carefree I remember the 2001 was a friend pulled open the stock account. He turned into a part of the funds, the formal "speculation", and most of the new shares, the stock market at the K line, listen to the stock, busy business, the heart, always follow the fluctuation of stock price ups and downs, even the lunch is also scrapped, busy stare, look at the end of the year, only about 20% of the revenue, far run all the index (this year in Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index rose 121%, annual turnover of nearly 1000%), and get tired. Zhu Geliang: now it seems that the short-term trading, not only poor earnings, more important is the impact of physical and mental health, it is not worth it.

harvest this year: 1 there is no right way, more effort is futile; 2 frequent trading, K-line speculation is not suitable for you.

2007 investment in primary school grade two

first half of the year in 2006 on why underperformed the index all over so much? Look at all of the stock of the K map, found that even a monkey, at the beginning of 06 randomly bought 10 shares, holding a year, can be doubled. Why do you think you’re going to lose to a monkey because you think you’re smart?. When he doesn’t know where to go to study investment expert, due to the ignorance of the network, blog, forum, stock shares and other stocks do not know around people more frequent trading, chase sell, they in the 06 year of the bull market in earn only 35 bucket. So I had to go to the bookstore to find, lucky to find a "Warren Buffett road" (Pepo Robert’s book store with Hagrid), spent a month, carefully read this book, although many places do not understand, but know that one of the most critical thing is to buy. Is to buy a stock enterprise. The book is in stock

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