What you need is a glass of milk

March 2, 2017

every morning a cup of milk has become an indispensable part of breakfast, sometimes I would joke and said to his mother: "drink milk every day, not to have a cow well, so fresh and save money." Because I know this idea is absurd, so no one took it seriously. Yes, all we need is a cup of milk every morning to replenish the nutrients needed for the day. This step is very simple, only need to sell milk place to buy milk boil drinking it back again. If it is their own cows, first of all need to find a place for the cow, every day to give it something to eat, to take care of it every day, but also take the time to milk every day. Although this can save money to buy milk, but the cost of raising cows is to buy milk several times or even hundreds of times. In reality we all know this is a very bad thing, so for such ideas usually ignore it.

but in the world of advertising there is a time when there is a cow for a glass of milk. I choose to raise a cow to produce milk because if you drink milk every day, you don’t have to pay for it. While enterprises choose to keep a "cow" is advertising for what? Is to have its own brand, image, reputation, reputation and established.

so companies began to find a suitable for their own company, "cows". According to the characteristics of the company to find an advertising company to produce the most in line with the company’s image of the ad, the two sides continue to exchange, non-stop running, advertising finally finalized. The cow finally bought it. The first money went out.

The environment around

has an absolute influence on the growth and milk production of dairy cows, so choosing a suitable place for the cow to make it a living thing is the second thing to do. However, the price of the local environment is not so good, the environment is good and the price is not too cheap. The advertisement is also so, put their ads on the best time best position display is every enterprise want things, but it costs a lot of money as a support; the second best choice of some not so humble position investment is down, while the advertisement effect also follow down. After careful thinking yaoyaoya chose the exhibits in the best position. Second money is out.

choose cows in selected locations thought Everything will be fine.. The results also need to feed the cows every day, to send someone to take care of it. So unconsciously in the third pen, the fourth pen, the fifth pen…… That’s the way out. In this way, more and more capital investment, but the effect is not know where to estimate.

enterprise "cow" the ultimate goal of advertising is to attract consumers to buy products. Some consumers are concerned about the advertising itself and ignore the product or because the ad is not attractive enough to be forgotten, this possibility is unfair to the enterprise. Just imagine, if the enterprise product publicity back to the hands of the enterprise, so that enterprises for their own products for publicity, off >

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