The development of local forum needs to combine local resources with special propaganda methods

March 2, 2017

station is becoming more and more difficult is that many webmaster heart, I do get the experience of the local forum to share out with you, hope to do local forum website owners can learn some knowledge to do stand.

A local forum

I do is a small county forum, the county population is not much, in the south of Shaanxi, Shaanxi is not very rich. It is known to all, you don’t mind my small forum ha, my Langao forum every day now traffic is over a thousand or more prosperous people Oh the. Today, this site from the "0" popularity to the webmaster now that some of their own development forum.

When the

Forum on the line, I have collected many maps in local, hanging on the line, in the collection of some people often love to talk about, write a few articles on the website officially launched, by combining with pictures and text of the local phase, is a standard place to stand. Here’s a look at my local forum website development method.

1 local forum with local groups, highlighting the development of the road.

After the

forum updated after all, I through the method of joining the local QQ group, every day in the group released a "the people of Langao will be on the website information, when the release of information you should pay attention to the relation between and within the group, relying on this method, my forum at the third day. Every day there are dozens of traffic, so I want to say here is: do the local forum must combine with the local group, because the local forum is to attract local people, is the local people.

2 the use of local publicity column, the school website promotion website.

at the beginning of Langao forum, I also passed some advertised places in the county to promote their own website, posted on their website posters in the advertisement, publicity your site through in the school’s own nephew niece on campus posted propaganda posters, I probably just a month, a line on the website, my poster not under 300, it is also the use of this method, I let my site traffic increase very fast, now Langao basically knows there is such a website.

3 local Internet cafes don’t let go, give money for a lot of money, sleight of hand.

local cafe is a good place for publicity, the Internet has a lot of users, so I took the combination with the Internet cafes, I update to the website in Internet cafes IE, this method is not necessarily the most effective, but can let more people know this website, I reached an agreement with the network’s boss to pay, either a one-time, or advertising in their own forum, so many Internet cafes boss would like to be able to in the forum propaganda will save me a lot of money.

finally, I also want to say is that every place where the features are not the same, we also need to operate according to local conditions, not too rigid, to change the thinking, flexibility in the use of local resources.

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