Download, watch movies can make money – ray union application guide

March 2, 2017

currently used for domestic users to download the software in mine has become fully deserve leader, according to official data of thunder, thunder users currently installed software has reached 87%. Thunder alliance has become the current network’s most fire download traffic alliance.

its operating mechanism can be summarized as follows: the mechanism of membership management; the system of product application, examination and approval, billing and settlement; the mechanism of providing consultancy services; the mechanism of sharing resources.

through the potential resources and constantly explore the alliance members of the site, the integration of market oriented unified development and will seek income, income distribution according to the contribution of members, in order to make the alliance members to develop new profit model and profit. And can share the 160 million users to bring traffic; reduce the webmaster server bandwidth pressure; improve the user experience, increase user viscosity and obtain professional business guidance and consultant service; get the advantages of resources for foreign alliance; alliance with the majority of the webmaster, exchange experiences, sharing resources.

as long as your site meets the following conditions:

1, the site has the resources to download services, such as video, music, games, software, books, etc.;

2, no illegal website content, resource download page no popups, no plug-in ads, malicious code.

3, recognized Thunder online business model, is willing to be thunder resources aggregation engine and share the flow;

4, at the end of the site to download the download page next to the address at least one more than the thunder dedicated high-speed download channel;

5, during the cooperation of the final download page of the site may not be recommended for other download tools.

join step poly:

landing alliance website (http://s.union.xunlei.com/) and registered, after the audit can enter its background. Lei Lei designated for each user is responsible for the person (customer contact icon QQ display above the background), and a special technical personnel free of charge for your website to modify the download page.


share traffic: just enter the background and the application to download the alliance, and do a good job on the site dedicated to download Thunder chain, both from the mine to get huge traffic and get commission.


adds an online computer channel to its website: just get into the background and share it on demand, and get a free online movie channel. No need to install plug-ins, as long as the user is equipped with thunder software can be played online, the current can play up to 1196 movies, are hd.

server, bandwidth for film and television station 100M exclusive above can use thunder point on demand

thunder point is on demand

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