3 recent search engine marketing rumors you know

March 2, 2017

Baidu medical event, the search engine market turmoil has not subsided. Next, it happened one after another is network marketing concern news, or is the rumors.

rumor: Baidu began beta URL directional promotion".

called the "URL oriented extension", refers to, if you find a peer site SEO rankings do well, a lot of keyword search you, his website ranking, then you can directly buy him.

so, when his web site in the user search once appear in the search results, then the results will show your advertising.


source network

This trick is really very

which is equivalent to the use of other web site keywords ranking, do you put the advertisement, belongs to another traffic, highway robbery flow into your bowl.


SEO for those who do a good website, think of all the shivers; and for those SEO do well to occupy the site, search results, not only to buy keywords in this way, as long as the purchase of the SEO ranking on the site, is not to think about happy ah


Lenovo just to Baidu search results adjustment, each keyword most shows only 4 ads, causes the enterprise to buy keywords the opportunity to decline, it is not, can to consider the purchase of top-ranking website? Equivalent to Baidu to close a window, it opens a window for you.

rumors two: WeChat search in the quietly eating Baidu search.

indeed, the biggest Challenger usually does not come from the company, but the company’s cross-border robbery.

actually, as far as I am concerned, it is true that more and more implementation of WeChat search, the search information of the closed channel, compared to the open platform hybrid content, obviously more than a pure.


WeChat search

investigate the reason, it may be WeChat as a communication and social tools, whether it is personal or public number, the content will be issued when people worry about social trust.

, that is to say, no personal content to pay attention to credibility, the public number content to attract fans, the content of logic and social logic based on content search algorithm compared with the machine, a bit more self-discipline, make WeChat more high-quality content.

, however, after all, the use of Baidu search and WeChat search has different scenarios, the use of WeChat search to search for the majority of the scene, and Baidu search, complementary than competition.

key is that, at least for now, for WeChat, the search is just a closed, social

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