Network marketing the art of war combat article

March 2, 2017

"network marketing" the art of war "in articles published last week, the Yang Tao continued with the" art of war "thirteen articles to write this article to the network marketing, second, is from combat to do network marketing preparation work to write, network marketing promotion and large area, to spend a lot of money and resources for the enterprise, or website, to spend less and the cost of human resources to achieve the effect of network marketing more.

a, network marketing can not drag

in the long-term network marketing work, to complete the task according to the plan, every day can not be delayed, many companies network marketing to develop the perfect solution, but in the implementation not decisive, enforcement is not enough, for the network marketing, as far as possible to perform, the fastest to effect and benefit.

two, network marketing localization


a student learning network marketing, to make an alliance QQ group promotion, there are about 1000 groups, on his own and several employees could not come at the end of each group to recruit group manager, as well as for the promotion of forum is also, in the promotion of as much as possible is to those who recruit the local forum more familiar to the promotion, or some old account ID for network promotion.

three, network marketing incentives

network marketing to achieve better results, to inspire, if network promotion effect is obvious, the gains, will give the network popularization personnel incentives for network service transformation, to reward the most first conversion network service, of course, the reward money is to get through their own the.

four, network marketing rival resources

how to use the opponent’s resources, such as changes on the web site, once the new content changes, timely change for me, there is in the competition as much as possible to learn web content rivals, which is higher than the opponent, opponents are related to network promotion, we also should do more relevant content than they do better.

five, network marketing revenue

network marketing is a long-term process, the promotion of the network the author a few years ago are now, for the network marketing as soon as possible to obtain income is likely to persist, Speed is the soldier’s asset. here refers to the network marketing as soon as possible to receive effective interest, rather than the long term money network marketing, without income, which is especially important for small and medium-sized enterprise network marketing.

after the release of the "network marketing" the art of war "articles, some users reflect the writing is a little too theory, this is mainly because of the" art of war "theory to write network marketing, if more attention the actual content, you can search" network promotion "is the author of the original book Yang Tao a few years of network promotion the actual experience of the anthology, even with friends to see this book on Taobao to sell this ebook is free, you can.

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