Analysis of some problems needing attention in micro film marketing

March 2, 2017

is now marketing is as long as the user’s attention get in by every opening, the market will be marketing. The core of marketing is always to attract the attention of users, and stimulate consumer enthusiasm. Micro film marketing as a new marketing mode in recent years, with three micro properties, is a micro fabrication, micro and micro projection, can let the audience can see one or funny, or sad, or philosophical all sorts of stories in a relatively short period of time, then the pace of life is accelerating today just as the micro film, micro novel as sought after by users.

and now the micro film material is still in a very short period, as long as there is a certain creative micro film can be included in the major portals, so you can rely on micro film as the carrier to get more users attention, so eager to micro film marketing will be possible, then through the micro film marketing to achieve the maximum effectiveness of marketing


first pay attention to the quality of micro film itself, which is the basis of micro film marketing. Only the micro film quality improvement, to be able to describe interesting things or stories, to better enhance the depth of the viewer, the key is to allow more broadcast broadcast platform. Once the playback platform increased, then the audience will increase, it will form a micro film virus propaganda effect, such as "cause a Steamed Buns murder case" of the micro film by the film endless ridicule Kaige Chen, and caused a sensation on the Internet, and the micro film star, also let this movie has become extremely not known to every family.

then you should pay attention to the degree of advertising advertising, advertising micro film and most of the traditional drama, the film is not much difference, even less than the video implantation time these types of wonderful degree is higher, otherwise the ad placement is too shallow, will cause viewers, if implantation is too deep, or to the effect of advertising. Now a lot of movies and TV series for insurance companies with good effect, because there is always a hero suddenly the car trouble, and then find the insurance company claims, the process is not so abrupt, but sometimes to a product specially the close-up, repeated demonstration of mobile phone bell, will easily cause viewers. This micro film advertising to be synchronized with the story, so that advertising products can become a tool to promote the story, so as to be able to play a better advertising effect.


should pay attention to the micro film hype, because the micro film itself is need to be advertised, if micro film gets more attention, so the micro movie advertisement content there is what meaning, so micro film marketing, another key point is to pay attention to the micro film marketing itself. The concept of a dual marketing, micro film carrier, advertising content is finally to present the results, but the marketing mode of the end result may be a win-win situation, if improper marketing could also become a lose lose.

marketing in micro film

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