Ancient king do micro business of the three pain points, you know

March 2, 2017

recently learned a lot of micro business, they reflect a lot of problems, we consider problems summed up to "micro business pain points". What is the pain point of micro business, this varies from person to person, I ask my classmates according to the problem, summed up some of the common three points: no content, no users, no deal. The three are indispensable, content to attract users, the user conversion transaction!


how to get these three points of pain, look at the following specific analysis of me, you think you are in the operation of the micro business when there are those who want to improve the implementation to improve it:

one, the lack of user planning layout

said that the era of content marketing, and an excellent editor is worth 100 salespeople! Content is king, but many people do not know where the content comes from, especially high-quality content. Content sources can not be copied, integration and original. Not every day in the circle of friends to send product information, buy a mask, others buy cosmetics, want to buy a good skin, buy a good appearance, rather than the product itself. Take a look inside the circle to do what is good information, from the beginning of plagiarism, focusing on the 10 industry accounts, to see who the content is good, who’s a good copy, who learn from. Learn from a week, the more the more the more you learn, you can see yourself to see a good copy of the integration, and then you can write a good marketing copy.

from the marketing point of view, extremely simple. I heard that the circle of friends is good, it was a circle of friends, was pulled black do not know. Heard WeChat group spread wide, but also to do WeChat group. Micro marketing should have a basic plan, where information, where the transaction, there should be a process.

such as: in the public number to do the show, in the circle of friends to do the basic propaganda, to do outreach in the group, the last one plus friends do transformation. Four in one, persevere. The best you have a website, you have accumulated the contents of the micro business also step by step to the normalization.

two, will not use other people’s platform and resources

now has a successful example: there is a micro business, specifically looking for agents, and provide free training supply, a generation of fat. They find the customer is to send a single, special commissioner to send a single, every day looking for a variety of grassroots large in various media and the public, the WeChat group, help hair soft, powder prices ranging from 100-300 million, down to more than and 100 every intention of customers, completely do not need to go to the operation of WeChat.

WeChat marketing also means that the use of others to do their own marketing WeChat. There are friends with my WeChat marketing group, and then said to me, how you are no management group, recklessly advertising, I help you manage it, then call to share in the group, called for a ban on advertising, so for two or three days, so I gave him an administrator.

after a few days, he had seen me several other WeChat marketing group (QQ)

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