The domain name registration trap, your domain name ownership

March 2, 2017

Domain name is the name of the Internet, has a trademark symbol of the nature of intangible assets, the domain name for the business enterprise is particularly important, good name is not much.

system. The domain name registration, need can fill 4 personal mailbox, which is the main domain name management contact box, after all the changes are through the domain administrator mailbox, so must manage their mailbox password, as long as the master of management contact mailbox ownership, ownership you have control of the domain name. If you need to change the domain name information, submit an application, the Internet center to your domain name management contact letter sent a confirmation letter, and then reply to the letter to the Internet Center, confirmed effective.

if the domain administrator mailbox is not your mailbox or void your domain name as can be imagined, lost control and ownership, how to express the domain name is you? Therefore, domain name management is essential to contact the mailbox, you must master. Otherwise, one day my heart is not practical, the domain name speculation by others, but somehow.

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