Burn month dispute Jingdong Tmall flow platform wars become intense

March 2, 2017

In June more than

business platform burn contest, July, traffic data about the electricity supplier sparked controversy in the industry.

July 24th, NetEase has released a shopping report shows that in June of this year, Jingdong mall accounted for 42.1% of China’s B2C market traffic, more than Tmall’s $27.4%. At the same time, in the June electricity supplier price war Kuba, Suning flow ratio also rose.

July 25th, Analysys think tank EnfoDesk released "2012 second quarter Chinese B2C market quarterly monitoring" data show that in the two quarter China B2C online retail market reached 98 billion 840 million yuan, of which Tmall accounted for 41.5%, followed by Jingdong mall, accounting for 15.5%.

two copies of the data between differences, raises questions and discussion of the industry, will flow into the competition between the electricity supplier stage.

Tmall and Jingdong have their respective holding platform based electricity supplier and self type electric line, but with the Jingdong also began to do the "platform", plus other emerging Tencent join forces, electronic business platform for businesses and users to intense battle.

traffic ranking contention white

NetEase Youdao in an interview with the daily economic news interview, said the flow of data released by the NetEase is to analyze the overall situation of the user access to the electricity supplier in June achieved. Data from two aspects: first, and Jingdong mall data cooperation; the two is the NetEase’s own grab.

industry sources, the number of PV per site (the number of pages to refresh or click), UV (access to the number of users) if the third party data grab only, then the data is not accurate, the flow is not objective ranking.

This is a

, NetEase to respond, said the main sources of data are obtained by monitoring and analysis of user data, these users are to install a shopping assistant through the browser or recommended, and not for any business as recommended.

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report in the mall ranking, Jingdong chairman and chief executive officer Liu Qiangdong (micro-blog) said in its micro-blog, "just beyond, from Tmall and Tmall flow gap!" and the head of public relations in Yan Joe accepted the "daily economic news" reporter the interview said, Tmall declined comment.

official said that in June the electricity supplier price war is actually a gimmick, we are in order to blunt the flow and trading volume. Take Jingdong, in June with the industry to promote a substantial promotion of its preparation IPO. Currently, the performance of listed companies are not good electricity supplier, not only to assess the performance of their traffic and trading volume, or to profit for the purpose of. So for such a high investment Jingdong, a large volume of business is concerned, not necessarily favorable.

but a number of industry insiders also told the daily economic news reporter said that regardless of the flow of the final ranking >

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