Lei Jun led $100 million where the customer can save the old start again

March 2, 2017

once again where the company quickly obtain financing, the total amount of more than $100 million, this round of financing by the chairman and CEO Lei Jun millet (micro-blog) lead investor, IDG, ceyuan LIAN, Saif, Qiming, Temasek, CITIC, and other shareholders are involved in.

All passengers aged CEO

(micro-blog) in a press release announced that a new round of financing, that industry of every guest, have faith on the Internet clothing brand, is also on 2014 where the customer return to the beginning of the heart, focus on product strategy certainly.

this is obviously not the whole truth. Just a few months ago, where the customer is still in a precarious state: the company has just moved to Yizhuang, with as many as 20% layoffs, aging also caught supplier Dun storm. Compared with the previous six round of financing, this round of lose a lot of glory, is more like a guest to aid trapped investors "kidnapping" and investors of all passengers helpless "".


where investors admitted to the Tencent of science and technology, where customers encounter some financial problems, if you do not save, past investments may make sense, investors are willing to save, but also in a model where customers now emulate millet, to do the brand, still have a chance.

actually, where the seventh round of financing is not the introduction of new investors. According to informed sources, where the two years of the development of setbacks, there are still large PE for shares, but we have 6 rounds of financing, the total amount of $422 million, in 2011 has reached $5 billion valuation, to introduce new investors, where the valuation is facing a serious shrink, need to re divide the original shares.

this round of financing is Lei Jun "zeroing". An investor of the Tencent said earlier and old together, Lei Jun of excellence, and sold it to Amason, which won the first pot of gold, Lei Jun this friendship old concept. It was found the old Lei Lei and do every guest, old mentor, Lei Jun had promised in an investor conference, to help the aged through.

We all agreed to the final

investors invested shares investment. Where the investor, Saif partners of Tencent Investment Fund said Yangdong technology, this round of financing is the most important significance lies in the recovery of employees, suppliers and users of the customer confidence.

announced financing to employees and suppliers "extremely excited"

before the Spring Festival, an article entitled "what a pity is not you" article widely circulated in the circle of friends. A former employee will be like in the past few years where the little drops of colleagues and photos in the form of pictures in the show, not only reflects the deep attachment to the staff of every guest, also revealed the reluctant to leave the guest, imply that, under the implied sentence: where guests didn’t accompany me to at last.

this article caused feelings in where the former employees and current employees, many people recall the old lead us together to double 11 warehouse inventory liquidation, where the sports meeting, annual meeting and other bit. These employees had to adjust to the scene where the customer from the down times have feelings for every guest. A former executive officer of Tencent

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