Express visual inspection prohibited hastily stuffed consequences retreat into electricity supplier

March 2, 2017

tact, rhyme and other four companies are subject to heavy penalties for illegal operation, the result can not continue to implement shipping, which gives the perfect express industry and cast a shadow; when the service is not ascending, and express the tentacles of the electricity supplier, but the retreat ended, people couldn’t help shouting: "express please a professional company." Experts also suggested that China’s express industry needs to achieve mechanization and information technology.

days ago, Yuantong express, rhyme delivery etc. four courier companies due to the air cargo burning incident, suffered the most severe punishment, China Air Transport Association canceled four companies of two types of freight agent qualification and airline sales agent qualification certificate. This not only makes Chinese express industry into an awkward position, also let in "11· 11" promotion failed to perfect answer courier companies to become the focus of community discussions, many people think that this event is actually express cargo combustion performance management is not strict and resort to deceit.

in addition, the express industry there are still many problems, users feel these problems, partner website also realized, so the electricity supplier self logistics trend has come, but the courier company does not actively enhance the quality of service, but that the electricity supplier is in and grab the market, so there are not only the "ban" business events, also have the trend of self business platform express company, but this work did not bring profit to turn over to the courier, but ended in failure.

express industry to do their own work, and gradually achieve information technology, mechanization management is the fundamental development." Industry experts hope that in the future, China’s express industry can embark on the international track, to achieve more industry self-regulation to change the image of the user in mind.

inspection as a result of sloppy brewing no navigation

October 22, 2012, China Southern Airlines CZ6524 flight landed in Dalian when the cargo was burned. After investigation, the accident was caused by a package of matches caused by spontaneous combustion, the actual parcel shipper is rhyme express. In the next examination, also found that the lithium battery is not in accordance with the provisions of the consignment Yuantong express. In view of this, Chinese Air Transport Association cancelled the rhyme express, Yuantong express, exchange two class freight agent qualification and aviation sales agent qualification certificate for the company and the Qi Hao company, which means not only the four companies will "fly", has become severely punished in the history of Chinese express.

was sent after the Yuantong express company said in a statement issued by the business season Lanshou visual inspection and internal security filtering of negligence on its website, but a think the punishment is too heavy, because direct combustion is not caused by the goods, tact. "We must admit Lanshou inspection problems, but not all the blame on the flexible body." Yuantong express company news director Wang Juan told reporters that some customers will be in possession of the goods of the lithium battery in the corner, it is sometimes difficult to find, as the airport security inspection and tact are not detected, it is also the responsibility of both sides.

express company said

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