Really Kung Fu settled in the United States and the United States is forced to take the market

March 1, 2017

August 8th, the well-known local restaurant brand "Kung Fu" and the online meal ordering platform "hungry" to carry out the "one yuan package special experience, the event also marks the hungry and Kung Fu launched cooperation. It is reported that, as of now, the national chain of Kung Fu brand has been working on the 356 restaurants on the line hungry.

kungfu is a local brand only China fast food industry in the top five, the main Chinese fast food steaming products featuring "brand positioning, adhere to good nutrition or steamed", to provide sustained and stable high-quality food and fine dining experience for many Chinese dishes customers love, attention to health, the pursuit of life the quality of city white-collar love.

according to the latest data released in July by the hungry, in Kung Fu and other outstanding businessmen in power, hungry white-collar market daily trading volume exceeded 30 million yuan, firmly occupy white-collar online takeaway market in the first place, has become white-collar users preferred takeaway platform. According to the relevant responsible person who is hungry, really settled in the work of what it is a hunger and win-win cooperation, will help expand the white collar users.

entered in 2015, online takeaway platform to focus on the competition began to white-collar market. According to Analysys think tank released June 16th "the first quarter of 2015 Chinese Internet takeaway food market report" shows that although the campus market is still the biggest niche online takeaway, but the white-collar market growth momentum. Compared to student users, white-collar workers in the purchasing power, loyalty, user scale are more competitive, and less affected by Holiday fluctuations. With the gradual maturity of the industry as well as the gradual saturation of the campus market, is expected to take the next step will gradually shift the focus of competition to a wider range of white-collar users market.

but the distribution of white-collar users timely, food quality and service quality have higher requirements, so the future competition in key market segments of the white-collar workers have to fall into the firm’s operation efficiency and user experience. And you have to eat from the distribution team and a large number of high-end food and beverage brands to join in this area has a greater advantage, which will help to continue to maintain its leading position in the white-collar market.


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