Light net fresh platform debut officially introduce security insurance

March 2, 2017

in February 2nd, bright food group announced the "net" – to establish its own fresh business platform of light · urban gardens. It is reported that, although the bright food group’s subsidiaries have to do some business platform in the attempt, such as farming convenience pass, Shanghai Maling (600073.SH) also has a life meter, but from the bright food group, the level of "net" is the first time.

bright food group official said, although the current electricity supplier platform is just selling fresh products, but its positioning is the bright food group’s electronic business platform for all products. Before Taobao, Jingdong and other electronic business platform "out of the way" after the small vertical business platform "containment", and higher requirement on the logistics and distribution of fresh products, this road seems to be uneven.


food group for the construction of electricity is behind the domestic food industry competition, the influx of foreign giants snatch, competition is becoming increasingly intense, the development of the electricity supplier to develop new sales channels imminent.

is reported that before the official launch of the city garden website has been a trial run for some time. Garden City site for Shanghai city life development limited company general manager Yang Xuejun told the "First Financial Daily reporters, currently registered users has exceeded twenty thousand, one thousand single daily distribution volume. According to the positioning of bright food group, the electronic business platform is currently mainly for Shanghai, when the development of sufficient scale, will gradually expand to the Yangtze River Delta region.

electricity supplier in the field of food, the major electricity supplier giant has long been the layout, the vertical field has also been a lot of electricity supplier business layout, industry competition is extremely fierce. Even a subsidiary of COFCO I bought net in fighting for nearly six years, although the expected sales in 2014 will be around 2 billion, but is still not profitable.

food and electricity supplier rookie urban gardens can make many big names


is the biggest advantage of urban gardens backed by the largest food group bright food group, bright food group is a food industry chain as the core of the modern urban industrial group, focus on the development of provenance, ecology, agricultural equipment and standards as the core of modern urban agriculture. Last year, bright food group revenue exceeded 120 billion yuan.

Yang Xuejun said: "the new platform will integrate the bright food group, agricultural non-staple food supply chain system, the line stores channels and other resources, the group in modern agriculture, food processing, trade and other fields has the outstanding brand and network advantages and the advantages of integration, the precise cut into the mobile Internet, breaking the traditional time and space fresh food purchasing bound."

initial development of fresh products as a starting point may also be one of the means of differentiation of bright food group electricity supplier platform differentiation.

due to the fresh product high on product procurement management and logistics requirements, or even require cold chain transportation, however, China’s logistics is not yet developed, especially in cold chain still exist many problems, therefore, big business platform is very difficult.