Science and technology community O2O struck the owners worry about the package

March 2, 2017

help home as a contemporary home open community O2O platform for developers to provide a better solution. It is an occasion property of mobile Internet, explore the surrounding business services, goods, group purchase health care, finance and investment, real estate is built in far more ecosystem.

this is the innovation of the traditional real estate industry based on O2O in the community popular today, the owners need is not only a comfortable living environment, and to have an intimate intelligent housekeeper. Real estate companies must also learn to bend, from hardware to software, and then to complete from the Internet to the well ingrained, big data revolution, it will not be discarded by consumers.

this is why help the family to get the lead of China’s largest real estate chamber of Commerce fund, and one of the reasons to visit Jingdong equity raised.

The following is

billion state power network with the help of CEO Jiang Jun dialogue record:

do open large property market

billion state power network: home help from what time to start thinking about community O2O


help home CEO Jiang Jun: Mobile Internet is one hundred billion market, community O2O is up to one trillion market. 2013, we realized that this is a new opportunity, so start the project, formally established in 2014.

help is a contemporary group with rich experience and experience in the development and operation of the staff jointly formed. In April 7th, to help the family as a representative of the community O2O project, the finalists of the second batch of public equity raised Jingdong. Chinese largest real estate fund "God" as our lead investor fund investment. Although we are not the first to start, but there are good genes. 1 a group of contemporary resources and contemporary internal staff support; 2 is the largest real estate fund to help fund and behind the real estate association and other massive resources; 3 in the initial stage of the project by the Jingdong to raise public equity concerns, some communication in toC terminal. Based on these three points, we hope to be able to occupy the key entrance of community O2O.

billion state power network: home help total plate how much


help home CEO Jiang Jun: the public equity raise Jingdong, valuation is 20 million.

billion state power network: why capital levels this year will be very concerned about the community O2O


CEO Jiang Jun: first of all, from the macroeconomic situation, the state and government attention to "Internet plus" economy and advocate. Secondly, the penetration of mobile end users to strengthen, the number of mobile devices is more than PC, 2014 mobile search data over the PC side. In last year’s capital market, you can see a lot of mobile platform is a large number of mergers and acquisitions. Furthermore, the traditional enterprises are facing bottlenecks and transformation, the need for more models and updated ideas into the need for more new stories. The emergence of community O2O will seize a new traffic entrance, bringing new gameplay, but also need to invest a large number of funds