Groupon into China can accelerate market reshuffle

March 2, 2017

Since the

group purchase originator Groupon since the announcement in China, indeed caused hearing on the impact of the China group purchase market, attracted the domestic group purchase website an uproar, the recent series of actions Gaopeng even caused the domestic group purchase website to jointly boycott, in this form, I can not help but ask: what is the real wolf here, we are too sensitive to

?This problem in-depth analysis of

, we will Groupon into China from the background, and then to predict what can Groupon what kind of impact on the market and the domestic group purchase group purchase website, how to react.

Groupon why Tencent and cooperation?

1 Tencent since last year has been involved in group purchase business, but the ability to integrate online and offline as everyone knows Tencent was weakness, so QQ group so far there has been no major improvement. The Groupon’s huge success in the United States is precisely the experience behind the Tencent need to learn.

2 pat disappointing lead Tencent for years without consumer traffic, traffic and provide tools for the electronic commerce website has been QQ in addition to Ali. Now it seems that this model is the lowest cost choice, and Groupon cooperation, it is a safer choice.

3 in the Chinese thousand group war background, Tencent is one of the largest Internet Co China, the platform can bring huge traffic to Groupon at the same time, the Tencent based on the brand advantage, for authorized users will greatly shorten the time of training.

4 owns a stake of Groupon, while Tencent is one of’s investors, DST is also an investor in Groupon. DST CEO Yuri-Milne while holding In this context, the capital of the Groupon and Tencent to make the move more smoothly.

5 Chinese in the Internet environment, the e-commerce sites are busy staking shopping market share, to attend to the group purchase this market, more could not spend too much effort in this field. Groupon has always been in other countries through the acquisition of the way into the United States, but the United States mission, full, 24 coupons and other domestic giants do not want to give up the right to operate the group purchase, so the early acquisition talks are ended in failure.

6 may have a friend asked, why not choose the largest traffic search engine Baidu, the author believes that Baidu can not give Groupon much better conditions, with the complementary needs between Groupon is not so strong. Baidu has to buy the Department of the group to buy the platform to buy their own organizations, with the traditional group buying business cooperation model is very different, its strategic purpose is to promote the platform. So, Baidu will never give up its platform strategy and choose to cooperate with Groupon.

Groupon in Chinese city