Net wine wine festival Jingdong welcome good start Q2 growth is good

March 2, 2017

music as its ecological network network ushered in a good start in the new three board "Eve"". The third session of the International Wine Festival has just opened a Jingdong, the Jingdong’s flagship store on the network network sales growth of more than 1800% single day traffic jumped 6 times, the average price increase of about 100%, refresh the number of records. The "good" greatly boosted the three new board listed capital and market confidence, let see the ecological electricity supplier wine ecological life world "the dream is gradually landing.

in the wine festival, the Jingdong joint network network companies such as Daxing drinks feast, for consumers, manufacturers of imported wine brought hitherto unknown. Product path network network Jingdong flagship store to carry out a global selection of the United States, France, Chile, in-depth global Wine large area hinterland, the introduction of high-quality original imported wine products. Chile, France faces dry the little mermaid manor, Lafite, silk as sparkling wine, Seebach, Penfolds Bin series, yellow tail, more than 100 overseas selling wine "put the price of 9.9 yuan, all drinks. At the same time, consumers can also enjoy a full 400 minus 100, a discount of more than 50 percent reduction in the intensity of the sale of promotional efforts of 350 by. The wine festival, 1 yuan, seckill full cut full of gifts and other promotional campaign after another, unprecedented concessions until May 10th.

network network said that in 2016, network network will actively promote the "ecological subsidies" strategy, through the linkage and industrial chain upstream wineries, wine business, enhance the quality of products and the permeability, joint marketing efforts to support the feeding on the millions of fans of users.

in front of "price", "run" in the back-end network network has opened overseas layout. It is reported that, as the holding vice chairman, network network CEO Li Rui a month long visit to the overseas investigation has ended, or next week will have a major news disclosure. According to speculation, or with the winery acquisition, wine fund.

In "

, CP2C +, the global ecological selection" three major product path under the guidance of network network has some action. It is reported that the network network with the world’s largest manufacturer Wine exposure group launched CP2C single product "fire rose" with high quality and high price in Chengdu during the spring of sugar get attention. In addition, wine and music as sports network jointly introduced German beer brand "Groot", will be "super sports scene IP+LeBar marketing is the path to start a new game.

is not difficult to see, with the shadow of the "wine of life as the ecological ecological world is gradually landing, especially online B2C business steady advance.

network network attempt from the upstream industry chain top reverse effect of domestic wine consumer market, it is to see the import Wine incremental market prospects. 2015, the domestic wine market bottomed rebound. Data show that in 2015 the volume of imports of wine 555 million liters, an increase of the number of 44.58%. Online shopping online Wine occupy Wine imports more than 80% of sales, the annual growth rate is quite high. This is also Jingdong, Alibaba has announced the march into overseas wine imports >